Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking using Hypnosis and NLP

The success of Hypnosis and NLP in overcoming the smoking habit is dependent on the person’s motivation and determination to change. Although many people have enjoyed success there are no guarantees and results may vary from person to person


Have you reached the point of loathing your addiction to cigarettes?

Are you feeling ostracised because you are made to step outside if you want a cigarette?

Is that morning cough starting to worry you?

If your answer to these questions is “yes”, then you might like to consider Hypnosis and NLP to break the habit;  They have helped many people to quit smoking.  Hypnosis has been known to make the entire process much easier for many people.  Logically you know what smoking is doing to you both physically and mentally but somehow you just can’t quit; Hypnosis helps you to change these habits in your subconscious, which you cannot access with logic.    If you’re looking for a way to quit smoking and manage your cravings hypnosis is often an ideal solution.  You will learn how to elicit calm feelings whenever you need to as well as learn new skills and strategies to collapse your triggers to smoke!


*The testimonials outlined below are the experience of the individuals;  They may not be your experience

“Hi Linda,  I just wanted to thank you for helping me to stop smoking.  I honestly came to you as my last hope of ever quitting as I had had so many failed attempts.  I could not believe it when after our third session I gave my cigarettes to a friend that night and stopped smoking.  I waited for the extreme panic attacks that always came and could not believe it when they just did not happen.  I cannot tell you the relief I felt as those attacks were what caused me to start smoking again as they are terrifying.  I really do not think that I will smoke anymore.  I do listen to your cd at least once a day and really try to fit in twice a day.  I don’t think I can ever thank you enough Linda as you really have given me back my life.”  Camilla, November 2011*

Hi Linda, I am feeling absolutely wonderful.  I haven’t had a smoke since my last visit to you but the best is that I am not craving anything!  I don’t miss it and I do not have any withdrawal symptoms whatsoever.  I’ve had quite a busy weekend with more than usual social interaction (mostly from smokers) and I have not once had the urge to light up.  I know it is still early days but the fact that I’ve cut down from 40 cigarettes a day to 0 per day is truly amazing.  I will never light a cigarette again.”  Pauline, March 2009*

“Hi Linda, I just wanted to pop you an e-mail to inform you that I have successfully stayed stopped smoking for about 2-3 months since I had my last session with you.  I don’t even count the weeks since I have stopped any more.  Thank you so much for helping with this thing I once believed to be impossible.  You have saved my life and I will be forever grateful”.  Robynne 2014*

The programme

The programme consists of 3 x 1 hour sessions.  They are highly personalized;  Your  individual triggers for maintaining the smoking habit can be identified and addressed. It is very important to collapse the psychological habit of smoking before actually ceasing to smoke.  If this is not attended to then those triggers may always be there causing you stress.  It might be initially that you will have no problem quitting but further down the line encounter some life stress or other;  If you haven’t collapsed stress as a trigger to smoke then you may reach for your best friend again.  This might be several years after quitting.   I will teach you strategies to access calm feelings at times of stress so that you overcome the habit, hopefully permanently. To understand the importance of breaking the psychological habit of smoking click here

The focus of the  first two sessions of the programme is to cut down and to break the habit bit-by-bit.  You will be taught techniques to anchor relaxation when you find yourself in situations that used to trigger a light-up as well as to have a mental focus on the benefits of being free of the addiction.  These anchors often provide both a physical and mental replacement to that breath of smoke!

The focus of the third session is to help you to finally quit. Oftentimes when a person has managed to cut down and is able to become physically relaxed and mentally focused many people become more confident that they can stop smoking and their positive belief motivates them towards their goal.


The Counselling & Psychotherapy Centre, 23 Bath Road, Swindon SN1 4AS


£140 (for all 3 sessions).   Including two free cds to give you additional support.  Group sessions are available upon request.

‘Phone Linda direct on 07708 961 073

Your mind is your most powerful muscle.  Stop smoking hypnosis and NLP can help motivate you to become the healthy non-smoker that you want to be.

Go to this newsletter article to learn how to stay motivated on your goal to quit

So, take that step and contact Linda Clarke today and quit smoking with hypnosis and NLP.

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