So Supported!*

“Having a partner this time made the whole experience possible. I would have not been able to be in so much in control if it wasn’t for Lee. I never felt alone and I always felt his support and love. It was amazing!! He knew exactly when to tell me to relax, he knew what to say, where to touch me, how to talk to me… It definitely made a huge difference all the techniques he learnt. I never felt so connected to anyone in my life, apart from my kids I guess. I was so much in control even when I was nearly fully dilated. Coral is in love with her little sister, and I am so proud of her. No rivalry or jealousy, it has just been perfect. I loved my birth so much, that I will be trying for the next baby in 4 months or so, I just want to give birth again, it’s unbelievable what you have done for me. Thank you so much!! ”


Truly an amazing experience*

“They left me and Jan on our own and I was so calm and relax by the time we arrived at the hospital because I listened to the relaxation on our way to the hospital on the IPod that not even Jan or the midwives could tell when I was having a surge. I worked entirely within myself and Louka and everything went so well.I would like to thank you for all your help as the hypnoBirthing really helped me through such a big part of our birthing experience and at least I could have the natural birth as far as possible just could not breath our baby out. This was truly an amazing experience and next time I will try again if my blood pressure wont be a problem. The relaxation techniques is something I will definitely use in many aspects of my life.”

You helped me*

“How could I believe when I had gone through not one, but TWO long and excrutiating labours? I was petrified. Then I found HypnoBirthing®. This birth took 4 1/2 hours. I was relaxed and comfortable all the way. It was wonderful!”

Mum and newborn baby*

Mum and newborn baby*

“I felt very calm and comfortable during the whole experience.I have also had almost no pain from the c-section. With Thomas’s birth I could almost not walk upright and had to get a second round of pain medication. With this one, the pain never really moved beyond 2 or 3 out of 10. I believe it’s a combination of a gynae working very gently and my mental and emotional preparation beforehand.Thank you so much for all your help and guidance – I’m telling anyone who’ll listen about Hypnobirthing so let’s hope some small changes will begin to happen with the way babies are born in SA.”



It was so amazing to go through Lisa’s birth while being there fully, not drugged or sedated in any way. When she came out, while under water still, her eyes were wide open and she was looking around. Magic! It was an amazing experience and it is difficult to convey this wonderful experience in words.

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