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Book an initial no obligation complimentary initial online session, so that I can establish your needs and discuss how I can support you.

Linda Clarke


I specialize in personal mentoring, coaching and relationship counselling to help you to create transformation and have fulfilling relationships. 

How different would your life be if you could overcome anything and everything that is holding you back from your greatest level of potential?

What would it mean to you to be able to effectively communicate and resolve conflict with your friends, family and colleagues? 

I consult at the Counselling & Psychotherapy Center in Bath Road Swindon and online.  I also deliver workshops in organisations and online courses.



Tips To Promote Good Mental Wellbeing

Just about everyone knows how to promote good physical wellbeing.  What most people don't know is that we can do much to promote good mental wellbeing too.  When we are mentally and emotionally stable we have the spare capacity to be resilient when things aren't going well.

14 October 2020

Do You Keep Falling For The Wrong Type?

There are many factors that impact on our relationships;  who we are unconsciously attracted to and even how we behave. This article explains what they are.

04 June 2020

Are You Ready To Shed Your Past?

We are emotionally wounded during our childhood and even in the womb.  It affects who we have as friends, romantic partners, how we perform and how we parent our children.  If we want to change society we need to support parents and children.  Here's why..

29 May 2020

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