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Book an initial no obligation complimentary initial online session, so that I can establish your needs and discuss how I can support you.

Linda Clarke


I specialize in personal mentoring, coaching and relationship counselling to help you to create transformation and have fulfilling relationships. 

How different would your life be if you could overcome anything and everything that is holding you back from your greatest level of potential?

What would it mean to you to be able to effectively communicate and resolve conflict with your friends, family and colleagues? 

I consult at the Counselling & Psychotherapy Center in Bath Road Swindon, The Big Yellow Bus Project Center in Cirencester and online.  I also deliver workshops in organisations and online courses.



Understanding Exits

A couple may never argue, work well as a team and would generally say that they have a "good" relationship.  And yet they sometimes feel that there is something missing.....  Or one of them has an affair. Imago Relationship Counselling helps them to identify their exits so that they can focus on working in their relationship.  

10 June 2023

How Healthy Is Your Relationship? - Relationship MOT

Very few of us take the time to analyze the health of our relationship.  We adapt to the pain and sadness by avoiding each other in busyness.  You cannot fix what you don't acknowledge!  Take this test now to make a diagnosis and determine the way forward.

08 May 2023

How To Raise Low Self-Esteem

A healthy self-esteem makes us feel positive about ourselves and life in general. This helps to cope better with life’s ups and downs.  How do you raise it?  What causes us to feel that we are not worthy?

28 March 2023

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