Overcoming Health Challenges With Hypnotherapy

Being present with our thoughts and emotions restores balance in the body

It is widely known that there is a relationship between our emotions and our body:-

Anxiety and stress can lead to loss of appetite or diarrhoea

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Food is often used for consolation

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There is debate that some cancers are caused due to “tissue memory”


Even our expressions relate body and mind – “I’ll have to chew on that”, “I can’t stomach that”, “I can’t swallow that”

To understand the impact of how we think and feel on our physical health, it is helpful to  to understand a little about how the body works.

The Nervous System and Emotions

The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is part of the inner structure of the brain. It controls muscles, organs and glands. For example the sweat glands, digestive system, eye pupil, respiratory system etc. are all carried out involuntarily.

The Central Nervous System (CNS) is the outer structure of the brain consisting of the cortex and the spinal cord. It controls conscious evaluation, memory, emotion and voluntary motor control.

How Emotions Influence your Body

The Autonomic Nervous System has 2 branches:-
  • the fight or flight instinct and
  • the relaxation instinct.
These two systems respond in harmony to maintain a mind-body balance. For example, fear  stimulates the Sympathetic Nervous System preparing the body for “fight or flight”. Your heart rate increases, pumping more blood into the muscles;  muscles need blood so that we can run away or fight.   Your lungs take in more air to provide oxygen. Your pupils dilate to let in extra light so as to see danger more clearly. When we are relaxed, perhaps watching tv or sitting in a place in nature we stimulate the Parasympathetic Nervous System which produces the opposite effect – your heart rate and breathing slows down, pupils constrict, normal digestion is stimulated. In so doing, your body returns to it’s normal state and endorphins our “feel good” hormones are released. If these two systems do not respond in harmony – if their balance is upset – emotions cannot find release (or catharsis). This will result in chemical imbalance which may cause physical illness.

Evolution of Emotions

Just as our bodies have evolved from primitive man, so too have our emotions:-

The basic instinct of early man was survival, acting on the Autonomic Nervous System.
The Central Nervous System was not evolved enough to interfere with the instinct of “fight or flight”
As our brain developed so did Emotions
Civilisation lead to the the 3rd influence – Rules
Showing emotion without regard to consequence was no longer appropriate
Cultural and religious values then added another emotion, only seen in humans – Guilt.

How can Emotions Impact Our Health?

This evolution means the Autonomic Nervous System has had to become more sophisticated. Now, if we experience fear we don’t behave instinctively. The Central Nervous System will modify how we respond based on how we evaluate that fear. If the emotion of fear is released, your body returns to normal functioning. Interestingly, controlled anger is usually the cathartic reaction to fear. However, you may have certain experiences or emotions (in your subconscious) which limit this fear from maturing into a cathartic response. The effect will result in physical illness – anxiety disorders, nervousness, insomnia, muscle spasms, stomach disorders.

How Does Hypnotherapy Help?

Hypnosis is used to bypass your critical faculty and reveal experiences or emotions stored in your subconscious that are not allowing your body to reach catharsis when confronted with a situation.  Additionally it stimulates the Parasympathetic Nervous System where mind and body are working together in perfect harmony.  Book your first appointment for hypnotherapy Swindon to embark on your journey of mind/body harmony.


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