Charlotte and Robert attended for HypnoBirthing classes for the birth of their second child.  Charlotte’s experience with the birthing of her first child left her feeling deep remorse because she had to have a c-section.  It was a painful traumatic experience which resulted in her feeling remorseful and cheated.  She was determined that this birthing would be a natural joyous experience.

Charlotte prepared for this birthing by attending HypnoBirthing classes and selecting Caregivers who would support her desire for a natural birth.  In the last few weeks of her pregnancy Charlotte was devastated that her baby had not dropped down into her pelvis ready for birthing and there was some discussion from her Gynaecologist that she may require another c-section.  However, in his quest to support her decision to birth naturally he gave her the time and space to let labour proceed once labour had spontaneously started.  However, her baby was not in an optimum position to birth naturally which resulted in the necessity for another c-section.

Here Charlotte explains how HypnoBirthing helped her to recover from the trauma of surgery:-

“I felt very calm and comfortable during the whole experience.I have also had almost no pain from the c-section. With Thomas’s birth I could almost not walk upright and had to get a second round of pain medication. With this one, the pain never really moved beyond 2 or 3 out of 10. I believe it’s a combination of a gynae working very gently and my mental and emotional preparation beforehand.Thank you so much for all your help and guidance – I’m telling anyone who’ll listen about Hypnobirthing so let’s hope some small changes will begin to happen with the way babies are born in SA.”