“Dear Linda

Part of the reason I’m not too sad about missing out on one session is that I almost don’t even feel like I need anymore. For the VERY FIRST TIME ever in my life I am thoroughly enjoying exercising. Even stuff that bored me to death before, like the treadmill, I’m doing 20 mins without batting an eyelid. My cravings for sweet things is almost 100% gone and I’m feeling really good about myself these days, I even feel attractive at times. I still enjoy good food, but find I’m preferring home cooked food to restaurant food. But overall I feel strong, no food weakness at all anymore.
I don’t feel any huge changes in how my clothes fit, but that almost doesn’t matter to me anymore. My life long quest to be skinny seems unimportant now. I’m enjoying everything as it is right now, if I lose I do, if I don’t then that’s also fine because I feel ok about how I look.
So ……. job well done Linda !!!”

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