Lily and Lee attended for natural childbirth preperation classes using hypnosis.  This was her second pregnancy and she had a strong desire for this birthing to be different to what she had experienced when she had her first child.  At that time she was young, unprepared and didn’t have a partner to support her. The Natural Childbirth preparation programme teaches the Mother’s partner techniques to play an integral role in the birthing process.   This is what Lily reported about her birthing using hypnosis

“Having a partner this time made the whole experience possible. I would have not been able to be in so much in control if it wasn’t for Lee. I never felt alone and I always felt his support and love. It was amazing!! He knew exactly when to tell me to relax, he knew what to say, where to touch me, how to talk to me… It definitely made a huge difference all the techniques he learnt. I never felt so connected to anyone in my life, apart from my kids I guess. I was so much in control even when I was nearly fully dilated. Coral is in love with her little sister, and I am so proud of her. No rivalry or jealousy, it has just been perfect. I loved my birth so much, that I will be trying for the next baby in 4 months or so, I just want to give birth again, it’s unbelievable what you have done for me. Thank you so much!! ”

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