Susan attended for sessions in July 2015.   This is her story:-

“I am scheduled for surgery and as per medical advice and instruction I have to stop smoking. My world is crashing! I cannot do this, it is not possible, I never wanted to. I consult my normal source of intelligence, Google, and after 6 hours of research and reading the choice is hypnosis and so through the internet and Google I am introduced to Linda Clarke. It is with mixed feelings that I make an appointment, maybe a certain amount of skepticism, but nothing ventured nothing gained.

The program runs over three sessions and I have never been hypnotized before, I have not even been to one of the commercial shows so I have no clue as to what to expect.

Session number one and I remain skeptical. We began “blaming everything wrong in my life” on smoking. Tired today? It’s because I smoke. Feeling depressed? It’s because I smoke. We anchored negative aspects of my life to cigarettes. We drift off to a happy place, everything here is beautiful, bright and clean. This is the place where I desperately want to go to, but there are no cigarettes here, I don’t care I want to be in this place. Session number one done and I leave. Immediately after this session I don’t smoke, I feel way too guilty and I really like the place I floated off to. In the days to come I get to mindful smoking and cutting down.

Session number two and we are off to the same places, although I am still smoking and quite concerned whether I will actually be able to quit smoking. All of a sudden a new fear has nested within, what if I am a failure and I cannot do this? I leave, more mindful smoking, more cutting down. I think possibly I can do this thing. I have thought about D day and the date is set. Linda assures me that all will be well and that I can do this. I still don’t understand how this works and how this is going to turn out.

Session number three and we go through the negative and return to the “Happy Place” It is Saturday morning and I say goodbye to Linda with the understanding that I can contact her if I need to. This was my final session. I am still smoking and Monday is my deadline. Somehow Monday came and I just did not smoke, I never bought cigarettes again and I never smoked the ones that were left in the house. I have subsequently given them away to smoking friends that have run out.

Did I ever feel like smoking after this, hell yes! Up to now I am not 100% certain if it is the actual habit or the cigarette that I miss from time to time. I now get why alcoholism is treated like disease. I am an addict, a slave to nicotine or the habit of smoking and I will always be susceptible to nicotine or the habit. I understood that to successfully stop I needed to never go back to one puff. There’s no such thing as a non-smoker who smokes every now and then. You either smoke or you don’t. Sometimes it smells nice, usually when I smell someone smoking on the golf course. I did enjoy smoking while playing golf. The majority of times it smells terrible. Do I allow people to smoke around me? Absolutely!! Quitting was my choice and I am proud of myself. It is up to every individual to make the decision for themselves. Do I feel better since I have stopped? Once again, absolutely! When I breathe there are no noise from my chest, I don’t cough anymore and my skin has improved drastically. I have pink lips! I think this is due to a better flow of oxygen. It does not matter how tempting that one puff may be from time to time, it will never be worth the sacrifice.
The success in not smoking is returning to the “Happy Place” Linda and I visited during our sessions. The struggle is all in the mind and only as difficult as you want it to be. Be calm, breathe and don’t smoke!”

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