Natalie and Jan attended for Childbirth Preparation Classes.  Jan was very shy and sceptical about hypnosis and was somewhat resistant to participating. However, he continued to attend to support Natalie;  His support enabled Natalie to practice the relaxation techniques to prepare for her birthing.

“They left me and Jan on our own and I was so calm and relax by the time we arrived at the hospital because I listened to the relaxation on our way to the hospital on the IPod that not even Jan or the midwives could tell when I was having a surge. I worked entirely within myself and Louka and everything went so well.I would like to thank you for all your help as the hypnoBirthing really helped me through such a big part of our birthing experience and at least I could have the natural birth as far as possible just could not breath our baby out. This was truly an amazing experience and next time I will try again if my blood pressure wont be a problem. The relaxation techniques is something I will definitely use in many aspects of my life.”

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