dream messages

Dealing With Unresolved Issues.  Rosemary came to see me because she was having recurring disturbing dreams about loss. The dreams had 2 common themes – the loss of her daughter, or her Fiance leaving her.

In one dream Rosemary had left her daughter with someone she didn’t know at a shopping center and when she went to collect her she wasn’t there. She wakes up with an overwhelming feeling of guilt. In another dream Rosemary could not get hold of her Fiance. He had his phone switched off and wouldn’t talk to her. Feelings of rejection and despair fill the dream.

The Session

In the initial session Rosemary gave me some of her background. Rosemary had previously been married to Edward, a depressed and violent person. He threatened to stab her whilst she was pregnant and often threatened to shoot himself. He would disappear sometimes for a whole night which made Rosemary feel rejected, helpless, scared. She harboured feelings of hatred for him. Edward eventually left Rosemary for someone else – while she was pregnant with their daughter. He has had no interest or contact with his daughter since.

“Hypnotherapy gave me understanding and enabled me to take my power back. I am in charge of my feelings now. That is so liberating! ”

Rosemary, April 2008

Edward’s Mother visits her grand daughter regularly at Rosemary’s home and had started to push the boundaries. On one occasion she asked to give the little girl a ride around the block in her new car. Rosemary was frantic when she didn’t come back and on phoning her found that she had taken her to her home. This left Rosemary feeling very scared and weak. What was this women going to do next? She was very scared that her ex-husband would come back into their lives and perhaps harm them in some way.

Rosemary was very uncomfortable about the Grandmother visiting and didn’t trust her. However, Rosemary didn’t speak out. She felt helpless and was afraid to stand up to the woman.

I took Rosemary into hypnosis to uncover the message the dream was sending her.

The dreams about her Fiance were actually dreams about the unresolved issues of her ex-husband. He left her without any explanation and she has never understood why he behaved the way he did. The dreams forced her to confront those past issues and let them go. She needed to forgive her ex-husband and release her anger. Rosemary was able to release her anger towards her ex-husband and to forgive him.

The dreams about her daughter confirmed her discomfort about her ex-Mother-in-law visiting. They also had some element of pre-cognisance that if she allowed her to take her daughter she could lose her. She had to speak up!!!

The dreams have now ceased. Rosemary has recently got married to her fiance. Her subconsicous fear of losing him have gone and with it her hatred of her ex-husband. She feels free to love without fear. She also now stands up to her ex-mother-in-law in a firm, no-nonsense way. She has taken back her power by stipulating what will happen with her daughter in the future.


Dreams are our subconscious mind speaking to us. By understanding what dreams mean, you can positively influence your health, relationships, creativity and spiritual development.