Enhancing Fertility In Swindon

Are You Struggling To Conceive?

Do You Want To Boost Your Chances Of Conception?

How Would It Feel To Cope With The Effects Of Infertility Better ?

Master Hypnotherapist and fertility expert Linda Clarke  was a frequent guest both on TV and radio in South Africa. She was recently featured in the Swindon Advertiser about her being back in the UK to provide infertility support

A Success Story

Hypnotherapy/Fertility Massage Therapy

“Dear Linda, I have been meaning to let you know that I am pregnant.  5 months now.  It happened naturally for us, the month before we intended to go for yet another round of IVF.  Baby is healthy and growing well.  Thank you for believing in the process even when I at times felt hopeless.  I still hear your voice from the cd…..”we can’t wait to meet you little one, Mummy and Daddy are so excited to meet you”.  God bless!  Renee 2015

The role of the mind and the emotions in fertility is a vital one that is often overlooked

Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective tools for helping the mind to support the body to conceive as well as to help you cope better with the experience of infertility.  It has also been known to increase the success rates of medical treatments such as IVF

Fertility Massage Therapy  is a deep, gentle, non-invasive abdominal and sacral therapy that focuses on improving circulation to the abdominal and reproductive organs with an aim to improve blood, nerve and lymph flow to improve fertility

A free hypnosis MP3 download or CD is included with each session

Call Linda on 07708 961 073 to learn more

Infertility Impacts Negatively On Just About Every Area Of Your Life


Your sex life

It can cause relationship issues blame/resentment

Cause you to withdraw from friends and family

Feelings of inadequacy

Stress and anxiety

Fear of debt/stress of assisted reproductive technologies (IVF etc.)

The resultant stress plays havoc with your hormones and reproduction
as it causes an imbalance in all the systems of your mind and body


The Counselling & Psychotherapy Centre
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£85 x 90 minutes
£55 x 50 minutes
3 Session Package: £186 £9 discount
(1 x 90 minutes and 2 x 50 minutes)
5 Session Package: £280 £25 discount
(1 x 90 minutes and 4 x 50 minutes)
free  meditation cd/MP3 download
is included in each session