Studying and Exam Anxiety

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Jade’s Story

Studying and Exam Anxiety.  Rather than write Jade’s case study, I thought you would like to read her story in her own words:

“When I was younger I had difficulty in studying. I could never get myself to study for long periods of time or focus on work of importance. I would find anything else to do rather than study and when I did finally sit down to do it I would fall asleep or day-dream and not concentrate on completing the task at hand. Additionally I used to get very nervous at exam time. It was so bad that I would become nauseous. On one occasion I fainted and banged my head as I went down! The result of this was that I could not write the exam that day.

Linda helped me concentrate and focus on my studies. After only one session with her I could already feel a change as if she had motivated me to want to study and learn. I practiced relaxation and visualization techniques. Linda recorded a cd for me which I had to listen to at home twice a day for 30 days. I did this religiously and I was thrilled to find that I could approach exams in a calm, confident and relaxed manner.

I am currently a third year student at University and would not be achieving the results I am at the moment if the root of my studying problem and my hatred for studying had not been fixed.”

Jade, April 2008


Hypnotherapy can be used to deal with any problem you may be experiencing – from exam anxiety through to anxiety disorders that make it impossible for you to live a normal day.

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