Have You Lost Your Mojo?

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Have You Lost Your Mojo? We all have times when our life seems to be humdrum and an uphill battle.  When nothing is going right, or we feel down in the dumps for no apparent reason.   When this happens, it can impact on every area of our life, our relationships, our performance at work and even our lifestyle.  Where once we might have felt bright and breezy now it’s as if the sun has hidden behind a dark cloud.

Sue couldn’t understand why she was unhappy – She had everything she could wish for –  a lovely home, a good job, loving husband and 2 good kids.

Getting a good night’s sleep for Sue was a battle – falling asleep, staying asleep and getting up in the morning   ”I wake up so tired it’s as if I hadn’t had any sleep”  she complained.   “And then I drag myself through the day under a fog of exhaustion – it’s no wonder I am so miserable!”

She felt guilty because she knew she wasn’t pulling her weight at work.  She was only doing the bare minimum to get by and found it difficult to concentrate and remember everything she had to do.

Because she was so tired, she had little enthusiasm for anything and stopped doing the things she used to enjoy.  In the past she loved going out for dinner with her husband or having a good chin-wag with her girlfriends.   Getting ready to go out was now too much effort so she put on her comfy pyjamas and watched TV instead.

It didn’t help that Sue was always worrying –she would think “Am I selfish because having a career is important to me? “   “Will my kids look back on their childhood and say I was never there for them?”  “What if my husband got bored with me”?   She always found something to worry about and couldn’t stop herself imagining the worst-case scenario of any situation.  Even when things were going well, she would spoil it for herself by worrying that it wouldn’t last.

When I first met Sue, she told me that she had lost all desire for sex and delayed going to bed in the hope that her husband would fall asleep quickly.    She reckoned that he wouldn’t put up with this for much longer because intimacy and affection had always been an important part of their relationship.  If she was honest, she missed that special time, but for now just couldn’t find the energy for it.

It made perfect sense to me that Sue should feel the way she did;  I told her that I had seen many clients over the years who had the same problem and I found that when they changed the way they think – to stop catastrophizing so much,  it made a huge difference to the way they felt and behaved.

I told Sue that I have found that most people who constantly worry suffer with high anxiety which robs them of a good night’s sleep and then they don’t have the energy to have fun and to carry out their responsibilities.

“I understand your pain”, I said, “a lot of people worry about “what if” and many find that it is just a nasty habit that traps them in misery”.  I couldn’t help also saying “I bet that even though you spend a lot of time thinking about real or potential problems you don’t actually come up with a solution!”

That’s because our highly stressed brain can’t make creative logical decisions.  We first must take deliberate steps to calm down and only then is our brain capable of finding solutions to our problems.  The challenge for most people is that they don’t even notice when they are thinking this way so stopping it is a near impossibility.  “Imagine if you were able to notice your thoughts as you were having them and knew how to challenge them” I said to Sue “what difference would that make to how you feel”?  “What if you were able to learn how to “worry well”, to use your calm brain to find solutions”?

Sue began to realize that life is full of challenges and most of them are things over which we have little or no control.  The only control we have is how we are going to respond internally or behave in a given situation.  It began to make sense to Sue that all humans intrinsically hate being out of control but if we can learn some strategies to deliberately relax and be at peace with uncertainty, we can be more resilient and cope better even during difficult times.

Sue longed for a good night’s sleep.  In the past she would jump out of bed full of energy and anticipation for the day ahead so helping her to achieve that was a good place to start.   That meant she could start the day on a good note.

Sue learned many tools and techniques to relax and over time, with practice, she found that she could relax very quickly whenever she needed to.  She awoke after a deep refreshing sleep and found that she had more energy to have fun again.  Her husband was delighted that he had got his wife back!  Sue said, “it’s like when we were dating and discovering each other all over again”!

Sue couldn’t believe how easy it was to take control of how she felt.  She now had confidence that she had everything she needed to cope with whatever life threw at her, so she didn’t need to “what if” anymore.

Because Sue had banished negativity, it freed up her mind so that she could evaluate her life.  She didn’t realize that over and above our basic needs for food and shelter we have several other needs.  And that when most of these other needs are met, we not only enjoy a more balanced and fulfilling life but also have the resilience to cope better during difficult times.

“It never occurred to me that it was possible to be the Star, Producer and Director of my life” said Sue.  “With your help I now know what areas of my life are lacking and have set clearly defined goals” she said.

What difference would it make to you, your loved ones and in your work life if you had the tools and techniques to be stable and functional even at times of difficulty?  Imagine how it would feel to have a balanced, enriched and fulfilling life?

These tools and techniques can be easily learned and integrated into your daily life.

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Having a balanced life is key to good mental health.  Here are some tips to achieve this.

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Be more resilient

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Create a balanced fulfilling life

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