Healing Phobias with Hypnotherapy.  Mary had a fear of doctors, treatments and the medical environment generally. At the time she came to see me she was pregnant and wanted to resolve this problem prior to the birth. She was due to have a C-section and would faint at the mere mention of blood. She was afraid that she would panic during the birth and have an anxiety attack. Mary’s Mother suffered chronic depression for 10 years and much of her childhood was spent “being good” so as not to upset her mother.

The Sessions

A Word Association Test conducted whilst under hypnosis revealed that there were a lot of fear, anger and resentment issues from childhood, relating to her Mother’s depression. Mary associates hospitals and doctors with sadness and loneliness.
“My experience was definitely positive. After 2 sessions, my hospital stay was not that bad. Even now I can go to the doctor without those feelings of nervousness.” Mary, March 2008
Hypnotic regression took Mary to a time when she cut her foot at age 5. Her Father dealt with the blood as Mother didn’t like the sight of the blood and kept away. Further regression revealed that Mary felt responsible for her Mother’s unhappiness and often felt guilty. She took on her Mother’s unhappiness. The younger Mary – whilst in hypnosis – had to understand that the unhappiness did not belong to her. It belonged to her Mother. Mary also came to understand that she was modeling her Mother’s behaviour with her fear of blood. This fear also did not belong to her. Mary was able to visualize the future when she was preparing for her C-section to have her baby. She was able to visualize herself being calm and excited about seeing her baby for the first time. She was able to anchor those calm feelings. I recorded a cd for Mary to listen to at home to re-programme her mind. This cd contained suggestions that blood and medical procedures are not negative. Blood sustains life. Placenta is full of blood and is keeping her unborn baby alive. Mary reported that she was able to enjoy the birth of her baby in a calm and relaxed manner.
NOTES: Mary’s phobia was due to unresolved thought-emotions that she needed to uncover and understand. If Mary had not taken this step she would have fallen into a cycle of stress, anxiety and depression which would have left her in despair.