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Healing Troubled Relationships.  Jill came to see me because she had difficulty in controlling her outbursts of anger. Her Mother, in particular, irritated her. She had always had a feeling of not belonging.

The Session

Regression uncovered the reasons for Jill’s anger. In Regression Jill went back to the Planning Stage in the Spirit World. This is an in-between-lifetimes state when we choose our parents and decide what lessons we need to learn in the coming life. Regression revealed that Jill felt great anxiety towards her Mother.

Jill regressed back to a past life when she was Sarah. She found herself living with her dead Mother’s sister (Bernadette). Bernadette had children of her own and didn’t really want Sarah and only looked after her as an act of duty. Sarah felt that she never belonged.

“Hypnotherapy helped to put my life into perspective. I can accept what has happened and understand my life better. I have definitely benefited from this experience.”

Jill, March 2008

Going forward in the life of Sarah, she finds herself being burned as a witch. Bernadette is in the crowd and is not supporting her. It was revealed that Jill’s Mother in her current life is Bernadette from her previous life. Jill again went back to her life as Sarah and was able to forgive Bernadette for not supporting her or wanting to look after her as a little girl. She was able to understand that Bernadette had no support herself and was finding life difficult.

Going back to the Planning Stage of her current life Jill was able to understand that she chose her Mother in this life because she wanted to give her another chance to love and care for her. Remember this is Bernadette from the previous life!

Jill also regressed to a different past life as Miriam. In this life Miriam was kidnapped. At the time of the kidnapping she suffered great anxiety. Jill was able to understand that the anxiety that she felt as Miriam has nothing to do with her current life and was able to let it go.

Now that Jill understands where her feelings are coming from she feels calmer and has fewer outbursts of anger.

NOTES: The experience that Linda has had with Jill and with other clients, shows that if you do not take a client back to that initial sensitising event, and recognise that this event may be in a past life, you will not achieve permanent healing.