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Tips To Promote Good Mental Wellbeing

Just about everyone knows how to promote good physical wellbeing.  What most people don't know is that we can do much to promote good mental wellbeing too.  When we are mentally and emotionally stable we have the spare capacity to be resilient when things aren't going well.

14 October 2020

Do You Keep Falling For The Wrong Type?

There are many factors that impact on our relationships;  who we are unconsciously attracted to and even how we behave. This article explains what they are.

04 June 2020

Are You Ready To Shed Your Past?

We are emotionally wounded during our childhood and even in the womb.  It affects who we have as friends, romantic partners, how we perform and how we parent our children.  If we want to change society we need to support parents and children.  Here's why..

29 May 2020

Can Mindset Be Changed?

We often hear people say "I have had these thoughts for years - I cannot change them".  They are prisoners of their thoughts because they firmly believe that they have no control over them.  Find out if this is true........

18 May 2020

Does Running Your Business Cause You Frustrations?

So many people dream of ditching the boss so that they can work for themselves.  Very soon they realize that they have rid themselves of one monkey on their shoulder and taken on a new one.  The consequent stress and frustration can have a massive impact on your performance......

25 September 2019

Pull The Emergency Chain To Halt The Depression Train

When it feels like nothing is working in our lives we can experience overwhelming feelings of hopelessness.  In this post I’ll examine how to pull the emergency chain to halt the depression train.

21 November 2017

Ditch The Diet To Be Slim And Healthy

What is common among just about everyone who has weight challenges is that the person is either “on a diet” or “off a diet” . As soon as they are “off a diet” they resume their old habits.  And they pile on even more weight on.  Here's how to break the cycle...

30 October 2017

Being Mindful Without Meditating

Meditating is the formal practice of mindfulness.  You can also practice mindfulness informally by practicing being "in the moment" during daily activities.  This article explains how to do this and why it is beneficial to you.

27 September 2017

The Role Of Hypnosis In Healing

Hypnotic trance is a normal, natural state that we move into and out of many times in our daily life. Past disturbing or traumatic events that continue to hurt us can be discharged. Then the energetic arousal no longer affects us. 

02 June 2015

Are You Battling To Give Up The Smoking Habit?

Quitting smoking is not easy.  I helped probably hundreds of people to quit when I was in practice in South Africa.  It is not just willpower alone.  It's not just about how motivated you are either.  It is more about having the right intention so that you start to quit today....

23 September 2013

The Fertile Body Method

The Fertile Body Method combines personal coaching, hypnosis and other mind-body approaches to provide support for couples and individuals who are struggling with the effects of infertility

30 July 2008

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