In the articles below I am sharing my many years of study and practice helping my clients change how they think, feel and behave to be the best they can be.

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Take Action to Improve Your Fertility

The effects of infertility are stressful and is compounded by medical treatments.
Stress has an impact on your body which takes you into survival mode and keeps you out of reproduction mode
Hypnotherapy and Fertility Massage Therapy restores mind and/or body balance which gives you a better chance of conceiving naturally and improves the efficacy of medical interventions.

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Infertility Support Group

You grow up believing that it is easy to get pregnant and that as soon as you want a baby it will happen. For most people this is the case, so they can’t possibly understand the desperation and longing that those struggling to conceive are feeling.
Attending a support group allows you to be with people who understand what you are going through and to help you cope better. Read more to learn the many benefits that the group offer

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Fertility Massage Therapy

Fertility Massage Therapy is a blend of modalities to promote optimal health and well-being and to enhance fertility. It combines a blend of modalities such as rebozo, pulsing and other massage techniques to re-connect women to their bodies, especially their womb.

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Infertility impacts just about every area of a couple’s life; their work, their relationships with friends and family, their finances, their social life, their own relationship and their mental and emotional health. People will typically feel sorry for the woman who is undergoing multiple medical tests and treatments but often not think much about what her partner is going through. Infertility has multiple effects on men because despite his own concerns he often feels the need to be “strong” in support of his partner.

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Know The Signs And Symptoms Of Depression In Teenagers

Rates of depression and anxiety among teenagers have increased by 70% in the past 25 years. These statistics show that it is highly important for parents and teachers to be alert to know the signs and symptoms of depression in teenagers.

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Pull The Emergency Chain To Halt The Train Of Depression

When depression sets in it has the ability to take over and affect just about every aspect of our lives; Our relationships, sleep, productivity at work, libido, social life and diet. It can seem that nothing is working in our lives and we have overwhelming feelings of hopelessness. This negative cycle of hopelessness and despair is like being on a runaway train. You can, however, pull the emergency chain to halt the train of depression and take specific steps to feel better.

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How To Integrate Split Off Parts Within A Relationship

In previous articles I discussed our shadow side and how we are attracted initially to our partners because they exhibit the parts of ourselves that we had to repress to survive childhood. In this article I will seek to explain how the biological and cultural differences between the sexes affect intimate relationships and how to integrate split off parts within a relationship.

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Identify and Reclaim Your Denied Self

This article seeks to explain ways to identify and reclaim your denied self which is the third component of the Missing Self.  Because our denied self (split off parts of ourselves) are deeply embedded in our unconscious we will need to seek the co-operation of people that are known to us to help us bring them to our consciousness. We cannot reclaim those split off parts until we allow ourselves to at first acknowledge them.

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