Hypnotherapy and NLP for Weight Loss

The success of hypnotherapy and NLP is dependent on a person’s motivation to change; Results differ from person to person

Control Weight

Does weight loss consume your mind?

Do you frequently start a diet on a Monday morning and by the end of the week you have “fallen off the rails”?

Do you believe that being slim, trim and healthy is not possible for you?

Do you hate your body?

There is no mistake why DIET is a four letter word! Diets are hard to stick to; they make many people feel like they’re depriving themselves and most of the time they just don’t work. Many people “try” diet tablets, diet drinks, diet programmes  and the centimeters stay on.  Imagine how you would feel if you could say to yourself that having a slim trim healthy body is possible;  That you are happy and in control around food?

The biggest problem though is that each time a diet fails:-


You may feel at more of a loss with your struggle with weight loss


You may feel more of a failure because you cannot control your craving for food


You may feel hopeless, guilt and shame

But, how would you feel if there was a natural solution that may really help you? A solution that may help you to wake up every day feeling in control around food? That may free you from your food obsession so you can start to really enjoy living? Learn how hypnotherapy and NLP can help you on your weight loss journey and to lose weight naturally.


“Part of the reason I’m not too sad about missing out on one session is that I almost don’t even feel like I need any more.

For the VERY FIRST TIME ever in my life I am thoroughly enjoying exercising. Even stuff that bored me to death before, like the treadmill, I’m doing 20 mins without batting an eyelid.

My cravings for sweet things is almost 100% gone and I’m feeling really good about myself these days, I even feel attractive at times. I still enjoy good food, but find I’m preferring home cooked food to restaurant food.

Overall I feel strong, no food weakness at all any more”.

Collette, January 2011

“Hi Linda, just an update; I am staying on track. It is going very good with me and I am constant in my exercise routine as well as my diet it is going very well and I am so happy that I find it not difficult for the first time in my life to stay on track. I have you to thank for my improvement and I will always be grateful for the help you gave me.”

Nicolette December 2012

“Lost 15 kg! I am doing very well, thanks to you. I have lost 15kg and got 5 kg to go to reach my goal weight. I feel better, stronger and more at peace with myself.

Thank you so much for all your help. I will always remember you.”

Susan, March 2012

The Sessions

The first session is of 90 minutes duration when Linda will take the time to get to know you and to help you understand factors that are preventing you from being slim, trim and healthy. She can coach you to help you to define clear goals and establish daily deliberate actions to reach those goals for healthy weight loss.

Thereafter subsequent sessions will be of 50 minutes duration when further coaching, hypnosis and NLP techniques may be utilized to further assist and support you on your journey of change for weight loss.


An initial no obligation free 30 minute session
To establish your needs and what I can do to assist you


£85 x 90 minutes
£55 x 50 minutes.
Fees include a free audio cd (or MP3 download)  to support you between sessions.


Online and at

The Counselling & Psychotherapy Centre,
23 Bath Road,

You may think that the conscious mind is in control, but it is your subconscious mind that drives your behaviour.

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