Hypnosis for Childbirth

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Learn How To Create An Atmosphere Of Joyous Celebration Of Life On Your Birthing Day


Learn How To Allow Your Baby To Have A Gentle, Peaceful Transition Into The World

Childbirth should be a time for celebration and joy; Many women state a desire to “try” natural childbirth but the reality is that they often do not have the tools and resources at their disposal to achieve this – they are simply not prepared! This desire is simply a wish with no concrete steps in place to achieve this.

For many women childbirth is a very traumatic and painful experience. This often leaves them with feelings of inadequacy, guilt and regret that stay with them for a long time and can even impact on bonding with their baby and future birthing experiences.
It doesn’t have to be this way! Yes, you can use drugs if you are prepared for their side effects; Most parents would be loath to give their baby any drug once they are born but are not cognisant of what they are passing on to their unborn baby when accepting drugs during pregnancy and labour.

When we are unprepared we feel afraid and lack belief in our ability to birth naturally. Fear causes tension which increases pain and slows down the progression of labour. This results in even more tension and pain. Fear and anxiety also create adrenaline which tightens the cervix and releases adrenaline, both of which cause the birth process to slow down. In addition, fear causes your breathing to become more shallow and rapid, reducing the amount of oxygen circulating in your body and getting to the baby as well as increasing your blood pressure.

In many cultures, the birth experience is regarded positively as a natural, normal event which should not be feared. These mothers embrace the birth process as a joyous occasion, and generally have far shorter labours, with less pain and fewer complications. Western culture teaches us that childbirth is a laborious, agonising experience which is to be dreaded.

Linda will teach you how to relax your mind and body to stimulate the production of oxytocin – the hormone responsible for contractions. The body’s own chemicals, known as endorphins are produced and are able to block pain. These endorphins share the same chemical properties as morphine.

Using hypnosis/meditation techniques you can capture the power of the mind-body connection, and use it for a more joyful comfortable childbirth. These techniques create a state of deep relaxation that eliminates fear and anxiety from the birthing experience. This is done by changing your mind’s perception of pain, so that what you experience is interpreted by your mind as pressure rather than pain.

Explore this natural way to control pain

Your training in these techniques will help you experience one or more of the following:-

A totally pain-free labour – most people are capable of achieving hypnotic anaesthesia, if they are willing and able to work at it.

Minimise your need for anaesthesia – this amount is known to be significantly less with women who use hypnosis and meditation

Relaxation and minimal anxiety – some women use hypnosis for deep relaxation. The reduction of fear and tension is recognized by the medical fraternity to increase the pain threshold of the mother.

A shortened first stage of labour by several hours has been noted by many women

Decreased shock and quicker recovery.

 Hypnotic Tools For Natural Birthing

Glove anaesthesia – it is possible to numb any area of the body using hypnotic suggestion.
The hand is first numbed using hypnotic suggestion and this numbing sensation is then transferred by the hand to any area of the body.

Dissociation – with this approach you imagine your pain as something else and you transform it using your imagination.

Visualization – this technique allows you to imagine yourself in a soothing, comforting setting. You cannot feel pleasure and pain simultaneously, so you close out the experience of pain by maintaining a vivid mental image of a comfortable setting.

The course is presented over 4 x 1.5 hour private classes or in groups in Swindon.

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