The success of hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming is largely dependent on a person’s motivation for change and results may differ from person to person.

The testimonials featured below are the experiences of the individual and may not necessarily be your experience.



I was going to message you tomorrow as it would of been 3 weeks since our session, and I’m extremely happy to say that I haven’t had a cigarette since. Without getting ahead of myself, I am super happy with myself guided by your help. I can’t thank you enough.

I do think that I may be in contact soon to ask for your assistance with my snacking/eating/weight issue.

Again, thank you soo soo much.


Stopped Smoking – Bob May, 2020

“Dear Linda, I have been meaning to let you know that I am pregnant. 5 months now. It happened naturally for us, the month before we intended to go for yet another round of IVF. Baby is healthy and growing well. Thank you for believing in the process even when I at times felt hopeless. I still hear your voice from the cd…..”we can’t wait to meet you little one, Mummy and Daddy are so excited to meet you”. God bless!

Pregnancy Confirmed – Renee 2015

Lasea and Marco attended for HypnoBirthing classes.  The concept of meditation and hypnosis was a new experience for Marco but he embraced the programme and learned how to support Lasea throughout her labour;  encouraging her to change positions to become more comfortable, guiding her through breathing techniques, light touch massage to help release the body’s natural anaesthesia and deepening her trance state where necessary.

“It was so amazing to go through Lisa’s birth while being there fully, not drugged or sedated in any way. When she came out, while under water still, her eyes were wide open and she was looking around. Magic! It was an amazing experience and it is difficult to convey this wonderful experience in words.”

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Pool Birthing At Home – Lasea, May, 2014

Charlotte and Robert attended for HypnoBirthing classes for the birth of their second child.  Charlotte’s experience with the birthing of her first child left her feeling deep remorse because she had to have a c-section.  It was a painful traumatic experience which resulted in her feeling remorseful and cheated.  She was determined that this birthing would be a natural joyous experience.

Charlotte prepared for this birthing by attending HypnoBirthing classes and selecting Caregivers who would support her desire for a natural birth.  In the last few weeks of her pregnancy Charlotte was devastated that her baby had not dropped down into her pelvis ready for birthing and there was some discussion from her Gynaecologist that she may require another c-section.  However, in his quest to support her decision to birth naturally he gave her the time and space to let labour proceed once labour had spontaneously started.  However, her baby was not in an optimum position to birth naturally which resulted in the necessity for another c-section.

Here Charlotte explains how HypnoBirthing helped her to recover from the trauma of surgery:-

“I felt very calm and comfortable during the whole experience.I have also had almost no pain from the c-section. With Thomas’s birth I could almost not walk upright and had to get a second round of pain medication. With this one, the pain never really moved beyond 2 or 3 out of 10. I believe it’s a combination of a gynae working very gently and my mental and emotional preparation beforehand.Thank you so much for all your help and guidance – I’m telling anyone who’ll listen about Hypnobirthing so let’s hope some small changes will begin to happen with the way babies are born in SA.”

Almost No Pain From C-Section, Charlotte, May, 2014

Natalie and Jan attended for Childbirth Preparation Classes.  Jan was very shy and sceptical about hypnosis and was somewhat resistant to participating. However, he continued to attend to support Natalie;  His support enabled Natalie to practice the relaxation techniques to prepare for her birthing.

“They left me and Jan on our own and I was so calm and relax by the time we arrived at the hospital because I listened to the relaxation on our way to the hospital on the IPod that not even Jan or the midwives could tell when I was having a surge. I worked entirely within myself and Louka and everything went so well.I would like to thank you for all your help as the hypnoBirthing really helped me through such a big part of our birthing experience and at least I could have the natural birth as far as possible just could not breath our baby out. This was truly an amazing experience and next time I will try again if my blood pressure wont be a problem. The relaxation techniques is something I will definitely use in many aspects of my life.”

Truly An Amazing Experience – Birthing Story – Natalie, March, 2013

Lily and Lee attended for natural childbirth preperation classes using hypnosis.  This was her second pregnancy and she had a strong desire for this birthing to be different to what she had experienced when she had her first child.  At that time she was young, unprepared and didn’t have a partner to support her. The Natural Childbirth preparation programme teaches the Mother’s partner techniques to play an integral role in the birthing process.   This is what Lily reported about her birthing using hypnosis

“Having a partner this time made the whole experience possible. I would have not been able to be in so much in control if it wasn’t for Lee. I never felt alone and I always felt his support and love. It was amazing!! He knew exactly when to tell me to relax, he knew what to say, where to touch me, how to talk to me… It definitely made a huge difference all the techniques he learnt. I never felt so connected to anyone in my life, apart from my kids I guess. I was so much in control even when I was nearly fully dilated. Coral is in love with her little sister, and I am so proud of her. No rivalry or jealousy, it has just been perfect. I loved my birth so much, that I will be trying for the next baby in 4 months or so, I just want to give birth again, it’s unbelievable what you have done for me. Thank you so much!! ”

Loved Giving Birth – Lily, February, 2012

Frances was crippled with feelings of inferiority.  She desperately wanted to change her job but attending for interviews was terrifying and overwhelming.  She never felt that she could portray her talents and give of her best in the interview process.

“Dear Linda The one session with you was powerful,I obtained my job with ease and confidence. Thanks to you I am no longer unemployed….GOD bless you …. Thank you for being my guardian angel….”

New Confidence – Frances October, 2011

“Just a quick e mail to say “THANK YOU” for all you have done to help me. I feel like a different person and my life is already changing. Words are really not enough to explain my gratitude; everyday I listen to your cd and it makes me stronger. Thank you again and keep well. You will be getting quite a few people in the future using my name as I have been raving about you and I have a few friends that need “help”. 

New Person – Margaret, March, 2012

Jane was on a journey of coming to terms with her past hurts and understanding herself better.

“Hi Linda, I just wanted to say thank you SSSSOOOOO much for all you have done for me so far and will still do in the future. You have made such a change in my life I can not explain it.
There are a lot of people in my life that have helped me to grow and each person is like a piece of the puzzle. You however are the person that put all the pieces together and for that I will always be thankful.”

Putting All The Pieces Together – Jane, August, 2010

Michelle’s fear of public speaking was holding her back in her career.

“Dear Linda

“I want to say, thank you very much – that was the best presentation I have ever given! And, It can and will be improved on because I just started learning how to control my breathing, thinking and emotions all at once in one day. I am going to practice a lot from now on, and I would like to secure another appointment for next month for the same issue. To make sure I bury it forever.
Linda you are the best, I will be screaming your name throughout town, Even my colleagues saw a huge difference and complimented me, for the first time ever!”

No Longer Afraid Of Public Speaking – Michelle, February, 2009

“Before I decided to try hypnosis, I had many problems in my life. Linda took me back in time in my mind to where my problems started, and reframed the way I think of those issues. Changing the way I felt about those problems gave me the light at the end of my tunnel. Since then I have been able to target the problem areas and have managed to overcome most of them. It’s still work in progress but I have come a long way in a fairly short time. Linda is a wise woman and I would recommend a visit to her any day, no-matter what the problem.”

Light At The End Of The Tunnel – Dennis, April, 2008

David had deep feelings of insecurity which caused him to be angry and agressive towards his partner.

“Dear Linda,

I feel different: happy, light hearted, positive & free! My aggression/ anger/ insecurity has been beaten, & I’m able to deal with adverse situations in a rational manner. The change in me has brought us all closer than we could ever have hoped for.”

Anger and Aggression Beaten – David, November, 2017

“Dear Linda

Part of the reason I’m not too sad about missing out on one session is that I almost don’t even feel like I need anymore. For the VERY FIRST TIME ever in my life I am thoroughly enjoying exercising. Even stuff that bored me to death before, like the treadmill, I’m doing 20 mins without batting an eyelid. My cravings for sweet things is almost 100% gone and I’m feeling really good about myself these days, I even feel attractive at times. I still enjoy good food, but find I’m preferring home cooked food to restaurant food. But overall I feel strong, no food weakness at all anymore.
I don’t feel any huge changes in how my clothes fit, but that almost doesn’t matter to me anymore. My life long quest to be skinny seems unimportant now. I’m enjoying everything as it is right now, if I lose I do, if I don’t then that’s also fine because I feel ok about how I look.
So ……. job well done Linda !!!”

Cravings Gone – |Collette, January, 2011

“Dear Linda,

I am doing very well, thanks to you. I have lost 15kg and got 5kg to go to reach my goal weight. I feel better, stronger and more at peace with myself. Thank you so much for all your help. I will always remember you.”

Lost 15 kg – Susan, March, 2012

Nicolette was a yo-yo dieter and just couldn’t stay focused on eating healthily and exercise.

“Hi Linda;

Just an update; I am staying on track. It is going very good with me I am constant in my exercise routine as well as my diet it is going very well and I am so happy that I find it not difficult for the first time in my life to stay on track. I have you to thank for my improvement and I will always be gratefull for the help you gave me.”

Staying On Track – Nicolette, November, 2014

Sue came to see me because she was feeling depressed and could not find any joy in life.

“Hi Linda

I had the session with you on Tuesday. I don’t know what you did but it is working. Yesterday I had the most awesome day. I got home and was so happy and upbeat and my husband was just so happy about it. We sat and talked and cooked and I did not feel any apathy in doing what I had to do. So I was a bit worried last night when I went to sleep that it was a one time wonder but this morning I was up, had coffee (which I don’t normally do) and I am happy, elated like I won the lottery. I am even putting the music up in my car (which I don’t do) and dancing all the way to work. My kids must think I am on something.
I can’t thank you enough and I will definitely be back; You are awesome! “

I Don’t Know What You Did But It Is Working – Sue, February, 2015

Dear Linda,

I Just wanted to say thank you for giving me some great techniques to restore my sleep patterns. I’m getting a great healthy nights sleep most nights and wake up feeling alive and invigorated in the morning.

Getting A Great Healthy Nights Sleep – Candice – January, 2015

I am no longer afraid of the dentist! Some feedback- I went to the dentist a few weeks ago and I had some injections.
I was very, very cool!

No Longer Afraid Of The Dentist – Diana, May 2015

“Hi Linda, I just wanted to thank you for helping me to stop smoking. I honestly came to you as my last hope of ever quitting as I had had so many failed attempts. I could not believe it when after our third session I gave my cigarettes to a friend that night and stopped smoking. I waited for the extreme panic attacks that always came and could not believe it when they just did not happen. I cannot tell you the relief I felt as those attacks were what caused me to start smoking again as they are terrifying. I really do not think that I will smoke anymore. I do listen to your cd at least once a day and really try to fit in twice a day. I don`t think I can ever thank you enough Linda as you really have given me back my life.”

You Have Given Me Back My Life – Camilla, November 2011

““I am feeling absolutely wonderful. I haven’t had a smoke since my last visit to you but the best is that I am not craving anything! I don’t miss it and I do not have any withdrawal symptoms whatsoever. I’ve had quite a busy weekend with more than usual social interaction (mostly smokers) and I have not once had the urge to light up. I know it is still early days, but the fact that I’ve cut down from 40 cigarettes a day to 0 per day is truly amazing. I will never light a cigarette again.”
Pauline, March 2009

Smoking Cessation – Pauline – March, 2009

“Hi Linda,

Just wanted to pop you an email to inform you that I have successfully stayed stopped smoking for +/- 2 / 3 months since I had my last session with you.

I don’t even count the weeks since I have stopped anymore.

Thank you so much for helping with this thing I once believed to be impossible. You have saved my life and I will be forever grateful.”

Smoking Cessation – Jane, 2007

Susan attended for sessions in July 2015.   This is her story:-

“I am scheduled for surgery and as per medical advice and instruction I have to stop smoking. My world is crashing! I cannot do this, it is not possible, I never wanted to. I consult my normal source of intelligence, Google, and after 6 hours of research and reading the choice is hypnosis and so through the internet and Google I am introduced to Linda Clarke. It is with mixed feelings that I make an appointment, maybe a certain amount of skepticism, but nothing ventured nothing gained.

The program runs over three sessions and I have never been hypnotized before, I have not even been to one of the commercial shows so I have no clue as to what to expect.

Session number one and I remain skeptical. We began “blaming everything wrong in my life” on smoking. Tired today? It’s because I smoke. Feeling depressed? It’s because I smoke. We anchored negative aspects of my life to cigarettes. We drift off to a happy place, everything here is beautiful, bright and clean. This is the place where I desperately want to go to, but there are no cigarettes here, I don’t care I want to be in this place. Session number one done and I leave. Immediately after this session I don’t smoke, I feel way too guilty and I really like the place I floated off to. In the days to come I get to mindful smoking and cutting down.

Session number two and we are off to the same places, although I am still smoking and quite concerned whether I will actually be able to quit smoking. All of a sudden a new fear has nested within, what if I am a failure and I cannot do this? I leave, more mindful smoking, more cutting down. I think possibly I can do this thing. I have thought about D day and the date is set. Linda assures me that all will be well and that I can do this. I still don’t understand how this works and how this is going to turn out.

Session number three and we go through the negative and return to the “Happy Place” It is Saturday morning and I say goodbye to Linda with the understanding that I can contact her if I need to. This was my final session. I am still smoking and Monday is my deadline. Somehow Monday came and I just did not smoke, I never bought cigarettes again and I never smoked the ones that were left in the house. I have subsequently given them away to smoking friends that have run out.

Did I ever feel like smoking after this, hell yes! Up to now I am not 100% certain if it is the actual habit or the cigarette that I miss from time to time. I now get why alcoholism is treated like disease. I am an addict, a slave to nicotine or the habit of smoking and I will always be susceptible to nicotine or the habit. I understood that to successfully stop I needed to never go back to one puff. There’s no such thing as a non-smoker who smokes every now and then. You either smoke or you don’t. Sometimes it smells nice, usually when I smell someone smoking on the golf course. I did enjoy smoking while playing golf. The majority of times it smells terrible. Do I allow people to smoke around me? Absolutely!! Quitting was my choice and I am proud of myself. It is up to every individual to make the decision for themselves. Do I feel better since I have stopped? Once again, absolutely! When I breathe there are no noise from my chest, I don’t cough anymore and my skin has improved drastically. I have pink lips! I think this is due to a better flow of oxygen. It does not matter how tempting that one puff may be from time to time, it will never be worth the sacrifice.
The success in not smoking is returning to the “Happy Place” Linda and I visited during our sessions. The struggle is all in the mind and only as difficult as you want it to be. Be calm, breathe and don’t smoke!”

Smoking Cessation – Susan – July 2015

I met Sipho at a rehabilitation treatment center where I teach Mindfulness.  Some time after he left the center he made contact to let me know how he was getting on. “Good evening Aunt Linda my life has improved because of your classes;  Thank you very much for teaching me about Mindfulness, it has changed my life and for the first time I feel in control of how I think and feel. I do not smoke and I do not drink and I have more brainpower now;  Mindfulness is powerful.
Thank You.”

Mindfulness – Sipho – June 2017