Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression.  To permanently heal whatever is causing you physical or emotional pain, the Initial Sensitising Event which stamped that first negative perception on your subconscious needs to be uncovered and understood. The technique to take you back to the Initial Sensitising Event is called Regression.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a highly controversial subject in the field of therapy. In one camp are those who believe that past life regression is a fabrication by unscrupulous therapists and gullible clients. In the other camp are those who believe completely in the existence of past lives. This group believes that the source of an emotional or physical problem could be from this life or a past life.

The experience that Linda has had with her clients has led her to believe completely in the existence of past lives. Her experience with clients’ shows that if you do not take a client back to that initial sensitising event, and recognise that this event may be in a past life, you will not achieve permanent healing.

A Case Study from Dr Brian Weiss

Dr Brian Weiss is a psychiatrist who lives in Florida USA. He is a graduate of Columbia University and Yale Medical School. He is well known in the field of past life regression. He was in the camp of sceptics, until he encountered a client whom he refers to as Catherine.

Catherine An edited excerpt from Dr Brian Weiss’ book: Through Time into Healing

Catherine suffered from a variety of emotional disorders – fears, phobias, panic attacks, depression and recurring nightmares.

Conventional psychotherapy was not helping her. Eventually Dr Weiss decided to try hypnotherapy and took her back to her childhood in an attempt to find the repressed traumas that he believed were causing her symptoms. Under hypnosis she did recall several events in childhood, including abuse from her alcoholic father. He felt certain that he had found the initial sensitising event and could now begin the healing process. However, her symptoms remained severe.

He again hypnotised her, but instead of directing her back to her childhood he gave her an open-ended instruction “Go back to the time when your symptoms first occurred.” To his astonishment she went back 4000 years into an ancient lifetime in which she had different face and body, different hair, a different name!

From that point onward, Catherine’s symptoms began to improve dramatically. In the course of her therapy Dr Weiss uncovered many more of her past lives where she had experienced traumas that continued to haunt her.

This case study underlines how important it is to recognise that traumatic memories from past lives may be limiting your potential for success in this life. See more Case Studies on Hypnotherapy.

Not every individual carries the burden of past life traumas, but a trained therapist like Linda Clarke, recognises that this is a possibility and must be explored to ensure that permanent healing takes place.

Contact Linda Clarke to find out more about past life regression.

How Does Regression Work?

You may have phobias or fears – such as a fear of entering water – that are not explained by any present life experience; or you may have a pain or disease that you were born with; or you may have a limiting core belief that “anyone I love will always abandon me”. Any of these feelings requires an exploration into your subconscious mind to access these memories and achieve understanding.

The procedure for accessing these memories is simple, and is often effective whether the client believes in past lives or not. Using hypnosis techniques, Linda will take you through the stages of increased relaxation until you are in a deeply relaxed, trance-like state. In this state, you will be able to recall events that consciously you will be unable to recall. In the hypnotic state the conscious mind is “sleeping” and you will have access to all those memories and experiences stored in your subconscious. (see hypnosis and regression).

Linda will then take you back to the first time you started feeling a specific emotion. When you go back to that time you will think and feel the thoughts and emotions of the person you were.

The Road to Healing

Often all that is required is an understanding of the trauma you experienced in order to achieve healing. However, many clients will go through a journey to achieve permanent relief from their symptoms:

  • You may need to express your anger (as an example), in order to release your emotions and achieve catharsis (see How Emotions can Cause Physical Illness).
  • You may need to look at the event from a different perspective in order to understand how the trauma happened;
  • You will then need to forgive either yourself or the perpetrator in order to release the trauma from your soul; Linda will then use the Eriksonian technique to replace negative perceptions in your subconscious with new, positive suggestions;
  • Practicing self hypnosis by listening to a transformational CD with these new suggestions will be the final step in achieving permanent healing of mind, body and soul.

For more information on achieving  healing through hypnosis, Contact Linda Clarke.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Past_life_regression is a link for further reading.

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