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The techniques of Hypnotherapy and Spirit Releasement Therapy are closely linked in clinical practice. A thorough knowledge of both is essential for the well- trained regression therapist.

When you are regressed you may recall traumatic events in other lifetimes. Are these your own past-life experiences OR experiences of other people?

Past Life Experiences

Past-life personalities are dormant within the unconscious mind of a living person. As a client narrates a past-life death, the past-life personality remains intact with its own conditions – behaviours, addictions, physical symptoms of disease, emotional distress, upsets and attitudes. In Past Life Regression Therapy Linda has found many clients who suffer in this life due to their own experiences in a past life. Traumatic events in former lives seem to affect the present life:

  • Being stoned to death by a crowd can induce a fear of public speaking
  • Drowning in a prior lifetime can cause a fear of water
  • A crushed skull then can cause chronic headaches now


  • Discarnate: not having a physical body
  • Incarnate: endowed with a body (specifically a human body)
  • Entity: a spirit attachment which invades and clings to a living human, like a parasite clings to its host

Through thousands of case studies the well respected Dr William Baldwin has found that problems his client experience are not only from their own past life experiences, but from others. It appears that discarnate spirits (entities) attach themselves to living humans and inflict their experiences on that human.

Where do these Entities Come From?

Millions of people across the world have described the near death experience – their disembodied personality heading towards the light (or Heaven). If in death this disembodied personality fails to reach the Light it could get lost. This lost soul could haunt the place it died, OR it could attach itself to a living person.

This attachment of a living person by a discarnate entity is referred to as spirit attachment. The experience of that discarnate entity will then become part of the living person (it’s host), and it will inflict its own conditions on the host.

Types of Intrusive Entities

Dr William Baldwin found in his clinical experience 3 main types of intrusive entities:

  • The Earthbound Soul – this is the most common attachment and includes deceased humans, terminated pregnancies, mind fragments of living people;
  • The Dark Force Entity – this is the classic demon described in religious lieterature;
  • The Extraterrestrial –includes aliens and other beings.

Hypnotherapy and Regression

The techniques use to regress a client may uncover a childhood trauma, a past-life trauma OR an entity attachment. A well-trained hypnotherapist will know what to look for and how to treat what is encountered in a therapy session.

Many clients absolutely do not believe in past lives, let alone entity attachments, however the results speak for themselves. Past Life Regression and Spirit Releasement Therapy have helped thousands of people, who have had immediate relief from symptoms and conditions that have plagued them for years.

If you experience phobias, emotional upsets, behaviour problems, addictions or relationship problems you need to Contact Linda today. Perhaps you have recently had a sudden change in how you feel about the world around. This could indicate a new entity attachment. Contact Linda and start your journey back to a healthy and happy life.

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