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Understanding Exits

A couple may never argue, work well as a team and would generally say that they have a "good" relationship.  And yet they sometimes feel that there is something missing.....  Or one of them has an affair. Imago Relationship Counselling helps them to identify their exits so that they can focus on working in their relationship.  

10 June 2023

How Healthy Is Your Relationship? - Relationship MOT

Very few of us take the time to analyze the health of our relationship.  We adapt to the pain and sadness by avoiding each other in busyness.  You cannot fix what you don't acknowledge!  Take this test now to make a diagnosis and determine the way forward.

08 May 2023

Where Relationships Go Wrong

Many people only start to become conscious about their relationship when things go wrong.  It's hard to move on from toxicity in a relationship.  Better to avoid the pitfalls up front.  

12 August 2021

Do You Keep Falling For The Wrong Type?

There are many factors that impact on our relationships;  who we are unconsciously attracted to and even how we behave. This article explains what they are.

04 June 2020

How To Integrate Split Off Parts Within A Relationship

In this article I will explain the biological and cultural differences between the sexes.  How they affect intimate relationships. How to integrate split off parts within a relationship.

16 November 2017

Identify and Reclaim Your Denied Self

I previously discussed ways to identify and reclaim your hidden and lost self.   This article seeks to explain ways to identify and reclaim your denied self which is the third component of the Missing Self. 

13 November 2017

Identify and Reclaim Your Missing Self

It's all very well people saying you need to take back parts of yourself that you lost growing up.  You might ask how you can do that if you don't even know what they are?  You can find out here.

11 November 2017

Embrace Your Shadow To Reclaim Your Lost Parts

Did you know that we all have parts of ourselves that we gave up so that we would be loved and accepted by our parents? 
Find out what they are and how they impact on your relationships.

07 November 2017

Get The Love You Crave

Are you dissatisfied with your relationships?  Do you keep attracting the same kind of pain?  Imago Relationship Counselling helps you to understand why this happens and how you can change it so that you can get the love that you crave.

18 September 2015

How To Solve Conflict With Your Partner

When we are upset with our partner typically we will blame, criticize and judge each other.  Then we defend ourselves by counter-attacking or withdrawing.  
Which causes disconnection and is dysfunctional.

30 July 2015

How Effective Is Your Communication?

What do your friends and family say about you?  That you never understand?  That you don't listen?  That you always criticize and judge?
Do you understand what they are saying about you?  

04 June 2015

Re-Romanticize Your Relationship with Surprises and Fun

We can get into such a rut with the mundane minutiae things in life that can cause us to be bored with our partner.  Having fun and surprising each other can bring back the heady days of passion and romance.  

06 May 2015

How To Re-Romanticize Your Relationship

We soon get into a rut and take our partner for granted.  We forget about all those behaviours that we used to do when we first fell in love.  Read this article to find out how you can re-romanticize your relationship.

16 April 2015

Imago Relationship Counselling

Are your relationships frustrating?  Do you find that even if you change your partner you have the same challenges?  This article explains why and how you can be happy.

20 February 2015

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