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Ditch The Diet To Be Slim And Healthy

What is common among just about everyone who has weight challenges is that the person is either “on a diet” or “off a diet” . As soon as they are “off a diet” they resume their old habits.  And they pile on even more weight on.  Here's how to break the cycle...

30 October 2017

Shift Your Focus From Deprivation To Benefits Of Being Slim

Are you sick and tired of failing to shed your excess weight?  Do you find it difficult to stay focused?  Read this article to discover some amazingly simple ways to get motivated and stay on track to get a slim trim healthy body.

20 October 2017

How To Break The Habit Of Comfort Eating

What is your "go to" place when you are upset?  Do you automatically reach for food?  Did your mother give you a chocolate every time you were hurt?  Eating for comfort is an unhealthy habit.  Discover how you can break it.

16 October 2017

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