Infertility Support Group In Swindon

Benefits of A Support Group

A Support Group provides an environment of safety and acceptance where if you are struggling with infertility you can share your experiences, discuss advice you have been given and learn from each other. The simple act of coming together can feel as though a huge weight has been lifted from your shoulders and you are able to cope better.

People are often really private about having fertility problems and we usually haven’t told anyone else about the issue. When we attend a support group we may, for the first time ever, find ourselves in a room full of people who all know how it feels not to be able to conceive.


Great Western Hospital Meeting Room 7 The Academy (LG Floor) Swindon SN3 6BB


1st Monday of the month
6.15 pm – 8 pm


The group is free of charge and open to all  – couples, singles, same-sex couples who are struggling with infertility wherever you are on your journey

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There is a huge lack of awareness and understanding of the emotional impact by anyone who hasn’t struggled with infertility

The only people who can truly empathise are those who have experienced it themselves

They understand the mixed emotions when a friend announces she is expecting a baby

They also dread those questions about when they were going to get around to starting a family

They help you validate your feelings when you think that there is something wrong with you because of the way you think and feel.  They “get it” and let you know that your thoughts and feelings are normal

The group provides a light-hearted break from the day-to-day reality of infertility sharing funny or embarrassing stories about trying to conceive and treatment.  Everyone can relate to them and see a humorous side to them which promotes solidarity

It provides a space for information sharing and learning skills and resources to empower themselves. It gives men, who generally don’t share their feelings, a safe space to communicate how they feel and to understand themselves better.  This can also help them communicate better with their partner

Mind/Body Fertility expert Linda Clarke uses mind-body techniques as a part of a holistic approach to fertility problems. She provides psychological and emotional support for those struggling with infertility and helps them reduce the negative effects that they live with every day.

She struggled with infertility as a young woman and had a miscarriage after trying to conceive for several years.  She understands and has experienced how devastating infertility can be and how it impacts on just about every area of a person’s life.  Contact Linda today for infertility support.

Alice D. Domar Ph.D, leading expert in mind-body medicine says  “patients who seek emotional support for fertility treatment are often better prepared for their experiences and find it significantly less stressful than patients who do not”

She also says “We know from research that support groups can help people with just about any health problem to feel better”

Linda Clarke