Figure depicting different types of stress
Learn How To Alleviate Stress.  Stress is a natural emotion.  It is your response to a troubling and upsetting situation.  Worldwide we are all facing difficult times;  Terrorism and economic downturns create fears of impaired safety, loss of earnings and debt.  These fears affect our health, thinking and relationships.  It seems like practically everything we once knew is changing at a pace beyond which most people can adjust to in a happy and healthy way.  Instead the human emotional landscape is being filled with fear and worry.  Research indicates that 35% of illness starts with worrying about “what if” while 75% of doctor visits are stress related.

Stress will always be with us because contrary to popular belief, stress is not just pressure from outside – those are the stressors, it is also your individual response to those stressors.

  • Our body manifests stress through headaches, taut muscles, digestive problems such as IBS and IBD,  frequent infections, muscular twitches, skin irritations, breathlessness and fatigue.
  • Our mind experiences constant worrying, muddled thinking, impaired judgement and nightmares, hasty decisions, negativity and indecisiveness.
  • Our emotions show our stress through the loss of confidence, irritability and anxiety, which can lead to alienation and depression.
  • Our behaviour reveals our stress as we smoke more, have increased restlessness, insomnia, loss of sex drive, excessive drinking, eating, and addictions.
  • Stress can worsen conditions such as arthritis, chronic pain, diabetes etc.

Scientists have demonstrated that there is a clear link between the body, mind and emotions as revealed by our negative self talk.  Eighty percent of our internal dialogue focuses on our short-comings and this constant fear and worry are our bodies’ great enemies.  Since the body is basically a robot that responds to the mind, repetition of negative statements about yourself over and over again programme your subconscious mind and you become the negative person you most feared.  Our body does not know the difference between what is real and imagined;  All thoughts be they negative or positive are taken as facts!

When the stress response triggered – the first thing that changes in the body is our breathing and heartrate are elevated and our autonomic nervous system initiates the “flight or fight” response.  When we are relaxed and calm the autonomic nervous system initiates the “relaxation response”.  Guess what?  You cannot be in two places at the same time – not even a woman!

We can Learn how to alleviate stress;  Deep belly breathing, exercise, meditation and the practice of formal and informal mindfulness techniques allow us to activate the “relaxation response”.  Regular practice of deep belly breathing imbeds the response in the body and we can access calm feelings whenever we need them.  The benefit of this is that we can breathe in this way anywhere at any time as our breath is always readily available.

Read more about mindfulness, and alleviating stress to change how you think, feel and behave.

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Except from article in Unlimited Human the official magazine of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association.  “Relaxation Is Only A Deep Breath Away” by Norma Lent Auerbach

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