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Take Action To Improve Your Fertility

Infertility impacts on just about every area of your life which causes immense stress and feelings of helplessness.  There is much that you can do to improve your fertility.

I once had a client who requested my services to help her prepare for IVF treatment after she had experienced several failed attempts. She had so completely lost faith in her body’s ability to conceive naturally that she had ceased to take notice of where she was in her cycle; That is she felt it was futile to have sex at a time when she was most fertile. She had pinned all her hopes of becoming a Mother on the successful outcome of IVF treatments. What I said to her was ” there is so much that you can do to take action to improve your fertility"

Infertility impacts on just about every area of your life which causes immense stress and associated negative emotions.
1 in 6 people in the UK today are struggling with infertility of which 42% are reported to have suicidal thoughts. These stress levels are further compounded because fertility treatments, particularly IVF, are highly stressful, not only due to the worry if treatment will be successful but also because of the side effects of medication.

How stress affects reproduction

When we are stressed our brain takes the stress we feel and signals the body to act accordingly with physiological instructions directed at the reproductive system:-

  • It has an adverse effect on your reproductive hormones particularly FSH and LH which are important hormones for reproduction.
  • It inhibits the production of progesterone (responsible for sustaining a pregnancy) and decreasing testosterone in men.
  • It is responsible for insufficient uterine blood flow. (A thick lush lining is essential to enable the embryo to embed in the uterine wall).
  • Your body goes into survival mode and stays out of reproduction mode.
  • Stress causes the mind and/or body to lose its natural state of balance and harmony and can exacerbate any fertility issues that you may have. Often problems with conception and pregnancy can occur when this balance is upset.
  • Hypnotherapy and fertility massage therapy helps you to restore that balance and to help you cope with the negative effects of infertility.

If you are struggling with infertility and you do not have the funds for private treatment, the chances are that you have spent a long time waiting…………….for a referral to see a specialist………………for test results……….treatment…………….. More stress!!!!    Many people think that assisted reproductive technology treatments such as IVF are the magic bullet to help them fulfill their dreams. The success rates are, in fact, quite low – around 35% if you are 35 or under and the chances of success decline as you get older.

Instead of pinning all your hopes on the successful outcome of medical intervention to help you to conceive, you can rather use this waiting time using relaxation techniques and visualization to restore balance to not only enhance your fertility (to give yourself a better chance of conceiving naturally) but to also prepare for medical approaches. Studies have shown that when hypnosis is used during embryo transfer it doubles the successful outcome of the treatment.

Let me reiterate what I have just said:-

  • The effects of infertility are stressful
  • This stress is compounded by medical treatments
  • Stress has an impact on your body which takes you into survival mode and keeps you out of reproduction mode
  • Hypnotherapy and Fertility Massage Therapy restores mind and/or body balance which gives you a better chance of conceiving naturally and improves the efficacy of medical interventions.

My client conceived naturally one month prior to her scheduled IVF treatment because she took steps to reduce her stress levels. She listened daily to the self-hypnosis cd which I provided, she re-kindled the spark in her relationship with her husband and practiced other relaxation techniques that I taught her. Hypnotherapy helped her to erase the negative beliefs that she had about her body which helped her to feel positive and believe that natural conception was possible. She is now the Mother of a beautiful baby boy.

And guess what??? She saved money!! She spent in the region of £600 for hypnosis and massage therapy which is a whole lot less than the cost of IVF (in the region of £5000). If she hadn’t conceived naturally and had to undergo further treatment she now had the skills and resources to be relaxed and balanced which would have improved the outcome.

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