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The Power Of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is not in itself a therapy. It is a powerful way to deliver therapy because it gives us access to our unconscious (or subconscious) mind.  This is important because it holds the reservoir of our past  This helps us to learn and understand things that we don’t know right now in consciousness.

Hypnosis is not in itself a therapy. It is a powerful way to deliver therapy because it gives us access to our unconscious (or subconscious) mind.  Working with the subconscious is important because it holds the reservoir of all our learnings, good and bad.  This helps us to learn and understand things that we don’t know right now in consciousness.

How does it work?

When we enter the state of hypnosis we become dissociated. Our conscious mind is not asleep. It is split off from other parts that we want to communicate with. Such as the part that controls our fear, our pain response, our blood pressure, our motivations.  This is our unconscious mind.

Natural ways we “split” ourselves.:-

“I’m in two minds about this….”

“I know I shouldn’t, but I want to!”

“There’s a tiny bit of me that…..”

When we dissociate we enter a parallel altered state of consciousness while maintaining our original state.   If we’re walking down the street daydreaming, then a part of us is ‘split’. A part of us is still on that street, but another part of us is enjoying our lottery win in Barbados.

So you can see that we can enter and develop this type of trance state .  A  hypnotherapist will induce this state by deliberately creating a splitting of awareness. 

The benefits of working with the unconscious mind?

  • It gives us the ability to change our automatic behaviours.
  • It gives us access to our innate strengths.  Hypnosis helps us to better recall past successes vividly with all our senses.
  • We can resolve past disturbing or traumatic events that continue to upset us.  We can integrate them by recognizing the learning and reducing the emotional arousal.  This allows us to live without the negative impact of that event affecting our present life.
  • All healing occurs on an unconscious level. Scars heal on the skin, hair and nails grow, breathing happens all by itself.  All processes arise from the unconscious mind and we don’t have to think about them.
  • The unconscious mind can make it feel completely natural for a smoker to become a non smoker.   There is less need to rely on willpower alone.
  • We know that  having a positive mindset can help us feel happier. This can backfire because we may not be feeling positive to begin with. Positive affirmations backfire  because feelings influence thoughts, more than the other way round. It’s more powerful to change feelings first.  Then change thoughts. Hypnosis provides the experience of recalled positive feelings. Rational argument or encouragement rarely change feelings.
    If we want to change how we feel and behave we need, first of all to change our beliefs. Many of our strongest beliefs arise not from thought but from feeling.  We don’t think happy thoughts and then feel happy, so much as feel happy and then think happy thoughts.

 I am a Master Hypnotherapist who over many years in private practice have helped many clients to:-

  • Overcome stress, anxiety, depression & phobias.
  • Change their habits
  • Promote physical and mental wellbeing
  • Improve Fertility for natural conception and assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF
  • Improve sleep

This is what some of my past clients have to say:- 

“Before I decided to try hypnosis, I had many problems in my life. Linda took me back in time in my mind to where my problems started, and re framed the way I think of those issues. Changing the way I felt about those problems gave me the light at the end of my tunnel. Since then I have been able to target the problem areas and have managed to overcome most of them. It’s still work in progress but I have come a long way in a short time. Linda is a wise woman and I would recommend a visit to her any day, no-matter what the problem.”  Dennis

“Hi Linda, I wanted to thank you for helping me to stop smoking. I came to you as my last hope of ever quitting as I had had so many failed attempts. I could not believe it when after our third session I gave my cigarettes to a friend that night and stopped smoking. I waited for the extreme panic attacks that always came and could not believe it when they did not happen. I cannot tell you the relief I felt as those attacks were what caused me to start smoking again as they are terrifying. I really do not think that I will smoke anymore.  I don`t think I can ever thank you enough Linda as you really have given me back my life.”  Camilla

I offer a no obligation complimentary discovery session so that I can understand what you are going through and how I can help you.  Go to my contact page to book now.


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