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Shift Your Focus From Deprivation To Benefits Of Being Slim

Are you sick and tired of failing to shed your excess weight?  Do you find it difficult to stay focused?  Read this article to discover some amazingly simple ways to get motivated and stay on track to get a slim trim healthy body.

In my last article I recommended ditching the cycle of dieting and making lifestyle changes to meet a healthy body weight.

Dieting makes us feel deprived. We are constantly thinking about food. What we can eat and especially the food we are not allowed to eat.

Diets are usually pretty restrictive. Many people will avoid situations where “bad” food or food that is not prescribed on our diet sheet will be served. When invited to social occasions, the dieter’s first thought is “what can I eat”, “how will I cope” “I can’t go”. Some of us stay at home to avoid temptation because we don’t feel we have the willpower to be “good”.

Being unsociable puts strain on our relationships. it is also not sustainable because food is all around us and is usually central to social events.

Or we will decide to “go off” our diet for the occasion. Then we make the most of it by eating too much of the type of food that caused us to gain weight in the first place. Then we tell ourselves that we are bad or weak. If we are feeling overwhelmed we may backslide into the old eating patterns.

This type of negative thinking produces results that are pretty predictable – failure!! It reinforces the belief that having a healthy body involves deprivation, strong willpower and starvation.

It really doesn’t have to be this way! You don’t have to keep beating yourself up! You can shift your focus from deprivation to the benefits of being slim.

The benefits of any goals are personal and differ from person to person. Whatever they are they become our “why”. If we focus on “why” then our thought processes are specific and positive. They motivate us to stay focused on our goals.

Here is how you determine your personal benefits

Using all your senses (seeing, feeling, hearing, tasting, smelling) imagine that you could wave a magic wand and you have the body that you so desire.

Ask yourself the following questions about how different your life is:-

  • How does it feel and what affect does it have
    On how you interact with others?
    On your intimate life?
    When you exercise?
    When buying clothes
  • What are you doing differently?
    How does it affect your productivity?
    What can you do now that you wouldn’t/couldn’t do before?
  • Imagine further into the future being slim and healthy 
    as an older person
    being a grandparent
    achieving sporting goals
    pursuing hobbies

Notice what gets you excited!

Next. As you imagine the future with a slim healthy body ask yourself. What benefit is most important and compelling to you.

Focus on this most important benefit for about 10 minutes at the start of every day. This will help you to stay on track to be self-nurturing.

The first step is to picture and imagine yourself on a tv screen with the body you desire and all the habits that are associated with having a slim trim healthy body. 


Trying on your “slim clothes”
Making healthy choices when socializing
Planning meals
Eating regularly
Shopping for healthy foods – reading nutritional information on packaging

Imagine it so vividly, using all your senses (seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling, tasting, and what you are saying to yourself) as if you have already achieved success

You might also like to give yourself some affirmations that are appropriate for you such as:-

"I eat when there is a physiological need for food for fuel"
"I am in touch with my emotions" "
"I recognize the difference between hunger and negative emotions"
"I seek to change my habits to self-soothe in a healthy way"
"I choose fresh healthy foods to nurture my body
"I make it a priority to plan my meals" 
"I nurture my body and mind with a wide variety of foods"
"I give all my attention to the food that I am eating, enjoying aromas, taste and texture"
"I enjoy food and take the time to research and try out new recipes"
"I eat mindfully and find that I am satisfied with eating less"

In my next article I will explain how you can rid yourself of past beliefs and experiences which affect your eating habits and lifestyle today.

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