On-Line Self Hypnosis Recordings and Transformation CDs

On-Line Self-Hypnosis Recordings. Perhaps you want to try self hypnosis before taking the step of contacting a qualified hypnotist.  After all, the internet offers loads of “Get Slim Quick” or “Quit Smoking Today” solutions using self hypnosis techniques or hypnotherapy Recordings.  Most of these promise you remarkable results after the first session!

Research has shown however, that hypnosis is only successful when tailored to your specific and individual needs.

Think about it!  The reasons why you are struggling to lose weight or quit that habit are completely different to the next person.  How then can a standard, off the shelf, self hypnosis CD re-educate your unique subconscious mind?

You need an objective hypnotist to support, help and guide you through this process.  Linda will work with you to identify what imprints are fuelling your specific challenges and then help you on your road to make the necessary changes in your life.  Linda provides cds tailored to your specific needs – these are free and included in the session;  They support you between sessions and they are a resource to use whenever you need them throughout your life.

Your mind is your most powerful muscle.  Hypnosis and NLP can help  you to become the person you wish to be.