Sexual problems are difficult to treat. Even by well trained sex therapists. Traditional approaches are often unsuccessful or only partially successful. Hypnosis has been used in the treatment of sexual problems for a long time. It holds considerable promise. Yet only 7% of sex therapists use hypnosis in their clinical work.

Hypnosis vs Traditional Sex Therapy

  • In traditional sex therapy both partners must attend.
  • Hypnosis is applicable without the partner’s involvement.
  • Hypnosis offers techniques that allow rapid identification of the underlying problem. This might be anxiety, feelings about past events and factors beyond conscious awareness.
  • Unconscious factors are not identified in traditional therapy

Note: Before commencing hypnotherapy physical causes of any dysfunction must always be ruled out.

What Causes Sexual Problems?

  • Problems in the relationship – underlying feelings of anger, toxicity etc.
  • Negative body image
  • Premature ejaculation can be a result of the need to “finish quickly”. This might be due to fear of being discovered masturbating as a teenager or having teenage sex.
  • Fear of being shamed. If the person was ridiculed or shamed in previous sexual encounters.
  • Fear of Intimacy. This could be for many reasons. Childhood sexual abuse, fear of rejection, poor self-esteem.
  • Physical and mental tension. When people worry they lose confidence and clam up. Anxiety breeds more anxiety which makes things worse. The person then expects it to happen which causes a conditioning effect. Thinking about it can cause anxiety which inhibits natural sexual response or desire. This builds up fear and an expectation of failure.

How Hypnosis Helps

  • Uncovers the cause behind the sexual problem.
  • Releases trauma of past events, thoughts and feelings about sex.
  • Re-educates the mind to have appropriate thoughts and physical responses.
  • Visualization techniques enables a specific goal to imprint in the brain.
  • The person can learn techniques to elicit desired outcome. This might be confidence, feelings of past positive experiences.
  • Self-Hypnosis provides clients with a sense of self-control and techniques for stress management. Sexual imagery can also enhance arousal before sexual involvement.

Types of Sexual Problems alleviated with Hypnosis

  • Low libido
  • Anorgasmia – Women who have never had an orgasm or have weak orgasms.
  • Female Sexual Arousal Disorder
  • Vaginismus – Nothing can penetrate the vagina.
  • Fear in women that it will be painful
  • Sexual aversion – A belief that sex is dirty or shameful
  • Painful memories of abuse and rape
  • Erectile Dysfunction (or impotence)
  • Premature Ejaculation – the inability for a man to control when he ejaculates. Anxiety is the biggest cause.
  • Ejaculation Delay
  • Addiction to Sex and Masturbation

Use the Power of Your Mind

Hypnosis takes advantage of the mind/body connection. Whatever the mind perceives the body determines as fact. Hypnosis facilitates change and provides hope, increased feelings of self-efficacy and confidence.

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