Are You A Victim of Poor Health and Stress?

Poor health and stress ? We can choose to Heal.  We can choose to be exceptional.  Health and abundance is indeed a choice.  Lousie Hay in “You can heal yourself” clearly states that everyone has the power to choose to be healthy.  Pain is part of life but suffering is a choice.  Your perspective of life situations determines your state of mind and therefore your state of suffering or enjoyment of life. It is very important to be cognisant of the mind/body connection – whatever happens in the mind is mirrored in the body and whatever happens in the body is mirrored in the mind.  Just try the following exercise;  Close your eyes for a moment and go back and remember a time when you experienced a negative emotion;  perhaps you were very scared, very angry or hurt.  As you remember that time and play the movie in your mind notice what you were seeing back then, what you were hearing;  Notice body sensations and where the feeling is located in your body.  Spend a few moments re-living this experience and you will definitely notice changes in your body.  We can ask ourselves how this can be whilst sitting safely and comfortably in the here and now.  This is simply because our body doesn’t know the difference between what is happening and what we are perceiving;  It perceives thoughts as facts.

These memories are conscious but quite often how we experience and feel in the world is driven from unconscious memories that we are unaware of. Each type of illness is associated with a particular way of being.  There is a personality type associated with heart disease, there is another associated with cancer, another with fertility problems etc.  The person’s way of being has a stress associated with it and that stress has reached the physical level manifesting as a symptom.

When someone wants to release a symptom, they must release the way of being that was associated with the symptom and which, in fact, created it.  Releasing the stress from the consciousness allows them to then have different perspective and a different way of being.  They change or continue to manifest the symptoms until they die.  Those who change are able to see things differently in their lives and to notice that things happen in ways differently from before.  They are able, through having different experiences to define different beliefs.  Or, they are able to first define  different beliefs and then have different experiences. The important thing in either case is to release old perspectives that have been based on old experiences, if those perspectives have resulted in a tense way of interacting with the environment.

One way of releasing or changing those old perspectives is, through hypnosis,  to regress back to the cause (or the first time you experienced those old ways of thinking and/or being).  This allows the person to see that event with a different perspective.  In many instances whilst those beliefs or ways of being were appropriate at that time the regressed person will find they no longer have to have those old beliefs now because they are inappropriate in the here and now. For example, I have had many clients who say they are afraid to speak up for themselves, they have no boundaries and allow others to dominate them and are afraid of confrontation.  In many cases these people have had experiences as a child where they were abused physically or witnessed their parents arguing or were exposed to some forms of violence.  In those cases the child would not want to draw attention to himself for fear of the consequences so he keeps quiet.  Very wise of the child to make that decision but not necessary as an adult to continue acting out as the child in his current life!   If you wish to uncover and understand why you feel and behave the way you do contact me today!

Unresourceful negative beliefs affect many areas of a person’s life – how he interacts with work colleagues, his loved ones and all he comes into contact with.  They can limit a person and cause untold stress. There is a school of thought that suggests that the person we unconscuiously choose to have in our lives has been wounded in the same way as us in early childhood but we adapt and defend ourselves in different ways.  This causes conflict between a couple and they lose connection which may lead to the end of the relationship.  I am able to offer relationship therapy which helps a couple to identify their early childhood wounds and to re-establish connection between them.  If you wish to re-connect with your partner and enjoy a satisfying awesome relationship contact me today!

I see many clients who are suffering acute stress as a result of their working environment.  The corporate world can be very toxic and in today’s economic climate people are living in fear of losing their job and the consequences of not succeeding.  Continued on-going acute stress suppresses the immune system and can eventually lead to life-threatening disease such as heart disease and cancer.

When the stress response is activated we are in survival mode – we activate our reptilian brain which takes a billionth of a second to respond;  There is no logic or reasoning here as this brain is a reactor and responds from real or perceived threats.  Those perceived threats of course originate from our thoughts and beliefs.  When you are in survival mode you are not activating your pre-frontal cortex which is your creative logical mind.  We all know the feeling when we are under great stress where our mind can go totally blank – be it speaking in public or writing an exam.   Many of us act inappropriately or say things we don’t mean when we are reacting and can feel regretful afterwards.

So, you might ask how can a person survive the toxicity and stress of the corporate world?  In addition to uncovering and understanding the cause of one’s beliefs one can practice meditation and release stress through exercise and other pastimes that are enjoyable.  I have several clients visit me once or twice a month for what I call a “brain massage” which in effect is a wonderful relaxing hypnosis session to restore balance and harmony to all systems of the body.  If you wish to find out more about these sessions contact me today!

We can also be more aware of our attitudes.  Imagine a cup containing 50 per cent of its volume in water.  Do you see the cup as being half empty or half full?  The fact is it’s the same volume of water in the cup regardless of your perception.  I’d like you to consider a third option.  It’s the wrong size cup!  I choose to have my cup run over every day.  I choose to see life as a landscape of abundance.  It is how you choose to see the world that determines how happy or healthy you are. There was a lady in her 90s whose husband had died and none of her well-off children wanted to take her in.  They decided to place her in a nursing home where she would spend the remainder of her life.  Despite her circumstances she had lived a full and happy life with her husband and she continued to feel blessed and abundant.  The day arrived for one of the children to drop her off at her nursing home.  Tom, a young orderly brought a wheelchair to take her to her room.  He felt sad for her and decided to cheer her up by offering to wheel her around the facilities.  She looked at the young man and cheerfully said “Well, Tom, I am so happy to be here I love my new home”.  Tom was puzzled he noted she had not even seen her room “how do you know that you will love it here”? She smiled and replied  “Tom, because I choose to be happy!  It’s my choice.

The power to choose is everyone’s God-given gift.  The power to choose is a mostly neglected and unused talent.  Most people are blinded by fear to see the many options before them.  They are so afraid to make choices that often they fail to make choices for themselves.  They give over that power to others to choose for them.  Who is better qualified to make choices for you than you?  Are you afraid to take advantage of your own power?  How sad that so many lack the courage to accept responsibility to choose.  Doctors are allowed to make extensive choices for patients even to the extent of making a prognosis of death that may prove to be erroneous.  The problem with this is that assuming a patient accepts such a diagnosis rather than asserting a choice to deny or even resist it, that acceptance may actually contribute to their imminent demise.  Granted, doctors are obligated to tell their patients the seriousness of a condition but predicting death weeks or months into the future is unfair.  It may be more prudent to admit having exhausted their knowledge and skills and recommend that you seek other avenues of course this presumes doctors may admit to their inability to cure.  I’d rather that doctors behave humanely than serve as messengers of death.

The courage to choose is the characteristic of exceptional patients who outlive their doctor’s mortal expectations.  Dr. Bernie Siegel coined the term exceptional to identify patients who choose to be the exception rather than the rule to defy a grim prognosis and live.  So, how you choose affects how you live.  But, where do you find the courage to choose.  What makes you brave enough to exhibit that type of faith?  That is when spirituality is put to the test.  Dr. Siegel became very disenchanted with his profession as a surgeon after many years of practice.  He was at the point of giving up medicine when he was introduced to meditation.  From that moment on he ran meditation sessions and support groups for his patients and these patients did so much better when cognisance was taken of the whole person – mind, body spirit.

Everyone has a unique threshold for pain and an individual tolerance for suffering.  Unfortunately fear of the unknown often outweighs suffering that has grown familiar.  Perhaps one of humankind’s greatest fears is uncertainty.  Most people are reticent to take the chance or expose themselves to even a small risk because simply they fear the unknown.  This is commonly evident in the seemingly illogical behaviour of abused children and battered spouses; Even though they know that staying with the abuser exposes them to continued pain and suffering.  They cannot bring themselves to leave, going to a shelter or a new home is unthinkable.  They developed a tolerance for the abuse that makes it bearable and they cling to the hope that things will get better, that the abuser will change, become remorseful and develop loving behaviours; Of course it’s all a rationalization for avoiding change.  For the inability or refusal to make a choice that may lead to……………  Happiness?  This is more fearsome to them than you might imagine because with the abuse at least they know what to expect.

How would someone who has never known a positive affirming loving relationship, know how to respond when it becomes available?  Most people continue to suffer because they know of no alternative or because they have become comfortable in that state and that’s where many people resort to long term medication whether medically or self-prescribed.  Most acknowledge that the solace found in drugs, and alcohol et al is only temporary but while they think they are treating the disease their tactics do little more than temporarily ease the symptoms.

For further information about how hypnosis can help you manage stress and overcome health challenges these links will lead you to the relevant pages.

As this is my last newsletter of 2013 I wish you all a very happy festive season and if you are travelling a very safe journey!  How do you choose to think, feel and behave in 2014!  A Happy New Year to you all!