Positive Feelings

Dennis’ Story

Resolving Feelings of Inferiority.  Dennis came to see me because he lacked self-confidence. He perpetually worried about what others thought of him. He did not like to dance at night clubs – even when he was with friends and girlfriends.

Dennis is a very attractive young man who enjoys a fair amount of attention from the opposite sex. He is the youngest of 3 sons who are all self-confident high achievers.

The Session

Regression revealed that Dennis was often left at home whilst his brothers were able to go out and enjoy themselves. He felt small and insignificant and very much the “baby”. At age 7 Dennis was ridiculed in class because he didn’t learn for a school test. At age 8 he was in the company of his three older girl cousins who were talking and matching themselves up with his brothers. Dennis was left out. The girls were not interested in a little guy.

“Linda helped me relook at my issues. Changing the way I felt about those problems has given me light at the end of the tunnel. Linda is a wise woman and I would recommend a visit to her any day, no matter what the problem.”

Dennis, April 2008

Under hypnosis these events were reframed. This allowed the younger Dennis to understand that he was left out only because he was young and not because he was an insignificant person. He was able to understand that he is a unique person with many gifts. Additionally he was able to understand that being ridiculed for not learning for a test was a consequence – it did not affect who he truly is.

Dennis was urged to expose himself to situations which made him uncomfortable e.g. dancing. He could first practice at home alone and then practice with his girlfriend in private. The idea being that he will become de-sensitized and finally be able to dance in public.

Dennis was given a cd with hypnotic suggestions to improve self-confidence as well as instructions on how to practice self-hypnosis. 3 months later Dennis was able to report that he is enjoying his new, more confident self and is finding self-hypnosis an invaluable tool for personal growth.

Our perception of the world around us differs from one person to another based on our experiences. These perceptions are stored in our subconscious mind as fact.  Hypnotherapy works by helping you understand how your past experiences have moulded your perceptions. By viewing these perceptions differently, you can move forward to a better and richer life.