Antaneea Therapy

A Vibrational System of Healing
colour, sound and touch facilitate change in mind and body
What you think you become– Vibrational Medicine explains this by recognising that we are beings with multi-dimensional energy fields that are linked and dependent on each other. All your experiences are stored in your cells and cause them to vibrate at different levels.

If you are unable to deal with an emotion when you first experience it, you often repress the pain, however your body retains the chemical and energetic memory patterns. Over time you may find that you attract people or circumstances to yourself and replay the original trauma. When trapped in this pattern, you may also experience physical pain or illness depending on the intensity of the experience, emotion or thought.

To change a negative behaviour or thought pattern, a new flow of energy needs to be created. Vibrational healing is an intervention which unlocks trapped memories and allows you to achieve your full potential.

Colour therapy, crystals, acupuncture and Reiki are vibrational therapies that have been used for centuries.

What is The Antaneea Technique

The Antaneea Technique is new vibrational healing technique developed by Penni du Plessis in South Africa. In Antaneea, the unconscious repetition of a trauma is known as a “time gateway”. Antaneea treatment locates these time gateways, releasing the traumatic and emotional memories from your body.

The Antaneea Technique uses massage and combines the use of coloured oils, crystals and sound. During this wonderfully relaxing therapy 12 different coloured oils are used while the body is massaged 3 times.

The first sequence of colours supports the physical body

The second supports the emotional body

The third connects with the higher self or spirit body

Sound vibrations are used to awaken the cells and bring light into the body

The combination of colour and sound creates a shift
and realigns the person with their soul path.

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How many sessions are required?

Three sessions are recommended to achieve the maximum benefits from Antaneea Therapy, with a minimum of two weeks between each session.

Each session lasts approximately two hours.

The Oils of Transformation and Divine Transformation Sprays are available to purchase to support the continual healing process.

Responses to the treatments are as varied and unique as people themselves.

As with any therapy, there can never be a guaranteed result as so much is dependant on you. Experiences range from “absolute magic”, to a general sense of well-being.

More than anything the Antaneea Technique is a tool that inspires you to take control of your life.

Sessions are in the Wiltshire Area – price and address available on request