Fertility Massage Therapy Swindon

I Am Delighted To Add Fertility Massage Therapy To My Range Of Services

Fertility Massage Therapy is a deep, gentle, non-invasive abdominal and sacral therapy that focuses on improving circulation to the abdominal and reproductive organs with an aim to improve blood, nerve and lymph flow to improve fertility.

You are often told to “relax, and it will happen” – The Massage Therapy supports you to take the time out from your struggle with infertility to be nurtured and greatly encourages you to relax. Contact Linda today for infertility support.

Working on the small intestine to release tension

Benefits Of Fertility Massage Therapy

Improves circulation on reproductive and digestive systems Brings homeostasis to organs and muscles in the abdominal cavity (it is in this area that we hold stress) Promotes relaxation and the release of tension from within

The Therapy involves working on the reproductive, digestive and lower back because these systems are serviced by the same neural pathways connecting organs, muscles and connective tissue.

If one organ or muscle is misaligned all the others are disrupted too and can send the body into disarray which impacts on fertility.

This therapy is for anyone – wherever you are on your journey

If you have been trying to conceive for a while or at the beginning of your journey Have experienced a miscarriage Are a couple, single, or same sex couple It compliments Assisted Reproductive Technologies such as IVF, ICSI, IUI and sperm donor And promotes well-being for Natural Conception.

Some have found that this is a massage to get pregnant although there are no pregnancy guarantees. Fertility Massage does not claim to cure or diagnose medical conditions and does not replace medical care. It does, however, support you through all stages of a reproductive life.

Fertility Massage Therapy is different to many other types of massage
read my article about FMT  what to expect and see treatment fees

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