Holistic Massage

Holistic massage incorporates energy healing and other massage techniques with physical, emotional and spiritual support

Do you have aches and pains in your body?

Do you suffer tension in your body?

Do you have a strong desire to feel the support of touch?

Do you need “time-out” to relax your body and mind?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions then you could benefit from Holistic Massage.

Definition of Holism

Holism may be defined as a philosophy of life that relates to the WHOLE rather than to the parts. The holistic state is one in which an individual is integrated in all levels of being: body, mind and spirit. In this state you experience a sense of joy, wonder and love towards yourself and the world.

“Holistic” means whole, holistic massage definition is a therapeutic massage which is a hands-on therapy that affects the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of the body.

Emotional, mental and physical tension is stored in the muscle tissue, and skilled massage applied to the soft tissue encourages the muscular and nervous systems to relax, helping release stress and tension. The muscular, nervous, skeletal and circulatory systems are assisted to work harmoniously, which also acts as a preventative/maintenance to wellness. Waste products (toxins and metabolites) caught in the muscle tissue are eliminated quicker. Massage has a subtle yet profound influence on all the systems of the body, as it encourages and supports the body’s own healing powers. The relaxing, rhythmical movements stimulates the release of endorphins (nature’s opiates), which has added psychological benefits because massage produces an alpha state in which body and mind are totally relaxed.

A treatment may include the use of essential oils along with techniques such as effleurage (stroking), petrissage (kneading), tapotement (tapping), friction and pressure energy balancing.

Importance of Touch and Tactile Stimulation

Massage is one of the most natural and instinctive means of relieving pain and discomfort. Warmth, caring, reassurance, strength and healing are all transmitted by touch through the hands. It is a form of nurturing that awakens, encourages and supports the body’s own healing powers. Muscular tension is often the physical form of emotional stress, anxiety and depression.

The most commonly affected area which is affected physically is the tension triangle from the base of the skull, down the neck between the shoulder blades. Discomfort, burning pain and stiffness in the muscles all indicates the need for muscular relaxation.

The magic of massage lies in the ability to touch the whole human being body, mind and soul.


Massage is the ideal way of reducing stress, whether physical or emotional. By relaxing taut muscles, it enables the whole body and mind to relax. Massage offers not only immediate pleasure and relief, but also the opportunity to glimpse deeper relaxation.

Additionally, massage generates a tremendous awareness of self. The massage therapist touches practically the whole surface area of the body. The recipient thus becomes aware of all the places he or she is holding tension i.e. “I didn’t realize how tense I was!” The person is therefore more conscious of tensing up that area next time it happens and can consciously work against that happening.

Through a skilled massage, deeper levels of awareness and understanding are possible. As massage brings an increase in self-awareness and this is a very powerful tool for living, as the more awareness and understanding of ourselves we have, the more information we have at our disposal when we make choices in our lives. These choices in turn, can be more positive and constructive.

Emotional Psychological Need for Touch and Comfort

Massage is a direct and powerful form of communication, which can show care and provide comfort at times when words are inadequate.

Bereavement is one such time, and the benefits of massage can be enormous.
Massage can work as a safety valve by releasing both physical and mental tension.

Health Promotion and Maintenance

There is increasing medical evidence to show the great value of touch. Massage is one of the easiest ways of maintaining good health. There is a strong link between stress and illness. Clients are less resistant to disease after an emotional stressful event. Massage is the ideal way of reducing stress, whether physical or emotional.

Massage improves circulation, relaxes muscles, aids digestion and speeds up elimination of waste products.

These direct benefits, coupled with the psychological benefits of being cared for, produce a marvellous feeling of well being that cannot be matched by modern drugs.

I hope this article serves to give you the holistic massage definition that you may be seeking.

Sessions are in Swindon;   I also offer a mobile service .  Cost: £80 for 1.5 hour session with 20% discount for members of Wiltshire Women In Business members.