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Life Coaching

Do You Have Negative Feelings That You Cannot Eliminate?

Have You Given Up On Your Dreams?

Do You Feel Unfulfilled?

Do You Know Where You Are Headed?

Why Work With A Personal Life Coach?

Just as athletes need personal trainers to achieve their physical best, so many people need a personal Life Coach to help achieve their best. Sometimes we have lost sight of our dreams and a personal life coach can help you achieve the objectivity you need to dream again and achieve your goals, dreams and desires.  Many people ask themselves what is a personal life coach.
  • Life Coaching may assist you in evaluating where you are at in every aspect of your life; spiritual, career, education, relationships and health. Once this evaluation has been carried out a person can see clearly what areas of his or her life need working on. Linda will then assist you in setting both short, medium and long-term goals and help you design an action plan to achieve and prioritize them.
  • Life Coaching is a one-on-one relationship in which your coach is there for you every step along the way. It is a safe, non-judgemental environment where you can design the life you desire, reduce stress, become the person that you deserve to be and where you can design a more balanced life. Linda is there to give you positive feedback and to brainstorm with you so that you can make the correct decisions to live and enjoy every area of your life.
Linda uses Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques to assist you on this journey which enables you to improve how you think, behave and feel. You can actively use your mind and emotions and your body to run your own life more successfully and to communicate with other people with “extra ordinary” effectiveness.

What Can You Achieve With A Personal Life Coach?

Linda can help you to achieve well-being by giving you:-

 Unbiased support





Ability to set goals

Strategies to achieve those goals

A view of the misconceptions you have about yourself which have limited success in the past

Renewed self-confidence


Online and at

The Counselling & Psychotherapy Centre,
23 Bath Road,


An initial Complimentary
30 Minute ‘phone call or Online Session

£85 x 90 minutes
£55 x 50 minutes

Fees include a free audio cd
(or MP3 download)  to support you between sessions



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