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Have you reached the point of loathing your addiction to cigarettes?

Are you feeling ostracised because you are made to step outside if you want a cigarette?

Is that morning cough starting to worry you?


If your answer to these questions is “yes” then you might like to consider Hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic programming

I have used these approaches to help many people to break the smoking habit

How it helps

Hypnotherapy has been known to make the entire process much easier for many people.

It helps you to change these habits in your subconscious, which you cannot access with logic.

If you’re looking for a way to quit smoking and manage your cravings, hypnotherapy is often an ideal solution.

You will learn how to elicit calm feelings whenever you need them as well as learn new skills and strategies to collapse your triggers to smoke!

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The programme consists of 3 sessions. They are highly personalized; Your individual triggers for maintaining the smoking habit can be identified and addressed.

It is very important to collapse the psychological habit of smoking before actually ceasing to smoke. If this is not attended to then those triggers may always be there causing you stress. 

It might be initially that you will have no problem quitting but further down the line encounter some life stress or other; If you haven’t collapsed stress as a trigger to smoke then you may reach for your best friend again. This might be several years after quitting.

I will be equip you with strategies to access calm feelings at times of stress so that you overcome the habit, hopefully permanently.



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