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We often don’t realize how little we are listening to the person to whom we are conversing.  That's because we are too busy interpreting what he or she is saying based on our own inner world. Our beliefs and  judgements.  Or we are busy thinking about how we are going to respond.
Learn the core skill of dialogue using the Imago processes for personal and workplace communication  


Getting to the heart of what to change

Linda is amazing practitioner, who is always able to get to the heart of the issue. The sessions are so personalized and you leave them with a clear plan of moving forward, and the visualizations/hypnotherapy really back this up.
Linda has a lovely way about her, she is empathetic and caring, and I find our sessions invaluable, always exceeding my expectations. I would highly recommend working with Linda to others. 

Nicola, Swindon 
February 2021


Professional Facilitation

Linda is not only the consummate professional, she is also a very generous, caring and diligent member of the community.

I feel very fortunate to have met Linda through my role as a Local Area Coordinator.  She has kindly offered her facilitation skills in the setting up and running of SHAPES – a group for Self Help for Anxiety Psychological & Emotional Stress.

Linda has developed a great programme for SHAPES which can be delivered face to face and/or on-line. She is committed to supporting people to live a more resilient and happier life through the use of a range of tools and techniques.

Linda was involved in the formation of SHAPES and capturing the ground rules of how the group can work for the benefit and inclusion of all participants. Linda is an effective listener, facilitator, reflective and responsive practitioner. She imparts her tools with effectiveness to empower participants to develop their own skills and resilience. Linda goes above and beyond expectations in developing her tools for accessibility in various formats to suit her audience.

Her website is a great resource in itself. It shows her range of skills with some useful and insightful articles that will help any prospective client to undertake their journey to wellbeing and improved relationships with others as well as themselves.

Frances Barrone – Local Area Coordinator, Life & Business Coach working with people to live a good life.
March, 2021


No Longer Afraid of Public Speaking

“I want to say, thank you very much – that was the best presentation I have ever given! And, It can and will be improved on because I just started learning how to control my breathing, thinking and emotions all at once in one day. I am going to practice a lot from now on, and I would like to secure another appointment for next month for the same issue. To make sure I bury it forever.
Linda you are the best, I will be screaming your name throughout town, Even my colleagues saw a huge difference and complimented me, for the first time ever!”

Michelle, February, 2009

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