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Facilitation for Businesses & Organisations

Is your organization rife with conflict?

Are individual and departmental conflicts sabotaging production and growth in your organization?

Do you sometimes feel that clear and congruent communication between all members of your organization is lacking?

If so, then your organization could benefit from my services as an Imago Professional Facilitator.   

I utilize the structure of Imago processes for communication and conflict resolution for individuals and groups. 

So that they can:- 

  • Gain new perspectives and ideas that emerge from shared connection
  • Promote creativity, innovation and solutions in group discussions in an environment of safety and respect for others’ opinions
  • Find concrete results and solutions within groups working on a specific topic that leads to clearly defined actions 
  • Promote support of team members on addressing an issue, solving a problem or overcoming a blockade.


If you would like to:-

  •  improve communication between members of your organization
  •  Provide a space of safety for individuals to express themselves and be heard
  •  Provide an environment for the creation of fresh ideas 

Then your organization would benefit from the structure of Imago processes provided by me.

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Book a no obligation complimentary initial online session with me
It will help me to get an understanding of the challenges that you are experiencing
with communication in your organisation and how I can help you 

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