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Are you often the “mediator” in family conflicts?

Is your partner constantly in conflict with your children?

Do you find yourself in perpetual conflict with your children?

Do you wonder what is going on in your childrens’ heads?

Do you find that you and your partner are in conflict because of your children?

If so then your family would benefit from Imago family counselling.

The Parent Dialogue process will enable you and your partner to reflect on your behaviour towards your children from the perspective of your own experience growing up. 

This will help you to:-

  • Newly understand the relationship with your children
  • Reflect on your parenting
  • Gain awareness of your unmet childhood needs
  • Distinguish between your child’s reality and your own projection
  • Recognise the impact of the relationship on education.
  • Discover how your behaviour with your children is a reflection of your behaviour towards your parents.

The Family Dialogue  Is a structure that allows each family member to talk to each other in a safe atmosphere on how you all see yourselves as well as the family and the relations between each of you.

Change arises from new perspectives; new perspectives are formed by the reduction of tension and the resulting openness.

  • It gives all family members the opportunity to participate and be heard equally.
  • Each family member can present his/her position without fear. This is especially true for children and young people.


  • If you would like to restore connection with members of your family
  • To be able to talk about difficult issues
  • To understand your childrens’ reality
  • To understand how your childhood experiences affect your parenting

Then you may find Imago family counselling of benefit

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Book a complimentary no obligation initial online session which will give me an understanding of what you and your family are going through and how I can help you.

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