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Are you constantly fighting with your partner?

Do you find that you argue about the same things over and over again?

Does discussing difficult issues always end in a fight?

Do you frequently think that divorce/separation is the only answer?


If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions then you would benefit from Imago Relationship counselling.

You will learn

  • How to express how you feel
  • How to ask for what you want
  • Identify how you are contributing to the tensions in your relationship
  • That your partner has a different reality which is not wrong because it differs from your reality
  • What triggers your partner’s behaviour

The core skill of Imago counselling is the imago dialogue which facilitates connection, understanding and deep intimacy when you can experience that “falling in love” sensation all over again.

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What is the difference between Imago Relationship counselling and other forms of counselling?

Typically the usual models of relationship counselling involve you and your partner talking about your problems – you dissect, apportion blame and look for solutions. You may negotiate, compromise and make agreements that are often a band-aid over the real issue.

The frustrations that you experience are not the real problem but a symptom of a deeper underlying problem, usually childhood wounding.

Imago relationship counselling helps you to understand the real issue on a deeper level.
When this happens you can move towards each other, connect with each other and you are able to talk in a way where you can both feel heard.
You will understand each other and then can begin to have a more empathetic connection to each other and the problems and issues will dissolve.

When you attend the sessions you will learn skills that will help you to identify the real cause of conflict, how to work through it and transform your relationship.

The process provides a safe environment to explore painful and sensitive issues.

Read more about Imago Relationship Counselling here

All sessions require both of you to come together.

The duration of the sessions is 1.5 hours for the first session and 1 hour thereafter. Usually, a minimum of 10 – 12 sessions is necessary to make meaningful changes to your relationship. However, more sessions may be required under certain circumstances.


Book an initial no obligation complimentary online session, so that I can get an understanding of your frustrations and tell you how Imago Counselling may help you to communicate better.


My sessions with Linda were a huge help. 
I have learned a lot about myself, my partner and our issues and how to deal with them better.
Most importantly I have learned how to communicate better and to become an active listener.
The Imago dialogue was especially useful as it enabled us to build a stronger bond. 
This technique will be valuable for me to use in any conversation, no matter who the individual is.  
J...... Oct 2021

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