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If you wish to host a workshop or online event personally or in your organisation please contact me to discuss your requirements
If you would like to join any of the courses or workshops  please contact me so that I can put you on the waiting list to attend the next event.

Mental Health in the Workplace

If your employees’ health and wellbeing is important to you and you recognize that if your business is to thrive your staff need to thrive then this course is for you. You could opt for either a half-day workshop, 4 x 1.5 hour workshop or online course.

Optimum Mental Health For Entrepreneurs

Owning a business can be tough! You can feel isolated, stressed and overwhelmed. If you are not thriving then your business won’t thrive. Attending this event will equip you with everything you need to cope and thrive. 4 x 1.5 hour sessions online.

Set Yourself Free From Worry

Worrying is a bad habit that drains your energy. Long-term it can have a negative effect on your physical and mental health. Attend this 2.5 hour event to learn how to “worry well” for solutions rather than getting stuck and how to expand your thinking.

5 Tools For Building Resilience

The toolkit is designed to help you to help yourself and feel confident that you have everything you need to be mentally and emotionally stable and can thrive and function even during times of difficulty. It is delivered over 4 x 1.5 hour sessions.

Understanding Mindfulness

Join this 1 hour experiential webinar/2 hour workshop for an overview of what mindfulness is, how you can develop it and how being mindful can help you to have more control over how you think feel and behave.

Lights Camera Action! Set the Stage for a Balanced Fulfilling Life!

Over and above our basic needs for food and shelter all humans have 9 primal needs that are essential to our mental and emotional wellbeing. When those needs are met we can enjoy a balanced fulfilling life. 60 minutes online, 90 minutes face-to-face.


Valuable Insight 

This webinar met my expectations because I got some good insight into the cause of worry, stress and anxiety.  It was valuable because I learned ways to take action to deal with it myself in my own home or space.

The content was really useful because the story-telling  demonstrated the causes of stress and sorry in a way that was easy to spot.

The learning today has helped me to remember to be persistent with meditation.  I will certainly pass the techniques on to loved ones.

I would definitely recommend this course to others because it gave valuable insight and actionable practices.

The resources provided as part of this event were great!

"Set Yourself Free From Worry"  Danny Mathews  April 2020


Clearer Understanding Of Needs

I was curious to know what the Primal needs are and was fascinated to discover how they influence your behaviour and feelings when they are not met. 

I found the graphic and teaching about depression to be the most useful.  It was fascinating to understand that there are various components that influence depression. 

The webinar helped me come to terms in a better way with certain needs that I know are not being fully met now. It’s not that I didn’t know they were not being met, but the webinar helped me to clarify exactly which needs needed to be considered first

I would definitely recommend this course to others.
Primal Needs Webinar - Malcolm 2020


I Now Know How to "Worry Well" for Solutions! 

I would highly recommend this course to others.  It fully met my expectations. 

The thing that I found most helpful was the teaching on how to “worry well” to find solutions.

I loved the deep breathing and meditation exercises.

What I learned today was the importance of practicing daily so that I can be physically and mentally healthy.

"Set Yourself Free From Worry" Workshop  M. Townley 2020

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