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Lights Camera Action! Set the Stage for a Balanced Fulfilling Life! banner image
Lights Camera Action! Set the Stage for a Balanced Fulfilling Life! banner image


Set the Stage for a Balanced Fulfilling Life!


Are the stresses of your life taking their toll?
Do you feel bored and de-motivated?
Does your life feel meaningless?
Do you feel the need for a bit of help to get yourself back on track?


If you have perpetual feelings of stress and anxiety, they can cause psychological problems and stress-induced illness.  Short-term they have a negative impact on your ability to solve problems, your relations, productivity and happiness.

Sometimes you get stuck in a rut and life comes to feel meaningless.

It doesn’t have to be this way!! 

How different would your life be if you were to discover ways that you can be the Star, Producer and Director of your life!  Find out how you can do this! 

I have designed a programme to equip you with tools to help you live a life of joy and fulfillment.  When you have a balanced fulfilling life you can be happy and mentally and emotionally stable.  Then you will have the  spare capacity to cope and take control of how you think and feel no matter what else is happening.

Benefits of attending

  • Enjoy a balanced fulfilling life
  • Promote good mental and physical wellbeing
  • Improved Confidence
  • More Control
  • Prevent poor mental health
  • Improved Happiness
  • Identify what is missing in your life


  • Primary needs assessment wheel
  • Primary needs goal sheet
  • Manual

We have far more stress in our lives today compared to the past.  There is far more traffic on the roads.  We used to grow up, live and die in the same area and had the support of friends and family.  Now, because we move around more, we often don’t have a support network.   This can cause us to feel overwhelmed, stressed and isolated!

More recently the Brexit negotiations and Covid-19 pandemic has led many people to feel uncertain about their future.  This has negatively impacted on their mental health.

Unfortunately, life is a struggle – it’s part of the human experience and we  cannot control everything in our lives. 

Over and above our basic need for food and shelter all humans have 9 human primal needs which are essential to our emotional wellbeing.  If these needs are met, not only can we enjoy a balanced fulfilling life, we then have the spare capacity to cope better and survive.  Meeting your human primal needs helps you to prevent a mental health challenge.

What you will discover

  • What the 9 human primal needs are
  • How you can get them met
  • Assess the extent to which you are getting the needs met in your life
  • How to set goals for a balanced fulfilling life
  • Why it is important to get human primal needs met in multiple ways
  • That you only have to change a few activities to get multiple needs met
Lights Camera Action! Set the Stage for a Balanced Fulfilling Life! feature image


This event is delivered either online (60 minutes)  
or face-to-face in an interactive workshop. (90 minutes)

Book a no obligation complimentary online chat so that I can establish your needs and how I can help you.

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