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Optimum Mental Health For Entrepreneurs banner image
Optimum Mental Health For Entrepreneurs banner image


Are The Responsibilities Of Running Your Business

Robbing You Of Peace of Mind, Confidence & Joy?


If so then you might benefit from attending my workshop/online course

Learn 5 Practical Approaches
To Be Focused, Motivated & Functional Even During Difficult Times

Benefits of Attending

  • Cope better with life’s challenges
  • Be relaxed and calm instantly
  • Understand your default styles of thinking
  • Be focused and motivated
  • Improve memory and concentration
  • Sleep better
  • Enjoy physical and mental wellbeing
  • Have a balanced fulfilling life


  • 2 free mp3 downloads
  • “Worry Well” template
  • Tips to sleep better
  • Primary needs assessment wheel
  • Primary needs goal sheet
  • Manual

Being an Entrepreneur isn’t always easy – there are many challenges particularly if you are a start-up sole trader.

Even though you are probably an expert in your field you find yourself struggling with many challenges.  Perhaps you are finding it difficult to grapple with things that are beyond your experience but necessary to build your business.

Many business owners feel lonely, isolated, lack belief in themselves and begin to procrastinate.  Others get stressed, worry a lot and feel exhausted.  It is difficult to have a good work/life balance which can affect relationships.

You may have personal problems such as relationship challenges, sickness in the family or financial problems.  These also can impact performance at work.

Most people aren’t aware how easily they can help themselves cope better with life’s ups and downs.

How You Can Help Yourself

Optimum Mental Health For Entrepreneurs feature image

With my Optimum Mental Health For Entrepreneurs workshop (or online course) , you will learn to manage your stress and be confident that you can remain well and balanced, even during difficult times.

The Toolkit

I have developed a toolkit to help you manage stress.  To help you to help yourself and feel confident that you have everything you need to be mentally and emotionally stable and can function even during times of difficulty.

These practical approaches can be implemented in your day-to-day life.  You will also understand what causes poor mental health and what you can do to prevent it happening to you.

When you have optimum mental health you are thriving and your business will thrive.  You can create a balanced and fulfilling life and be fully functional in both your work and personal life.  This means that when life throws you a curve ball you will be more resilient and can cope better.

What you will learn 

  • Relaxation Techniques
  • How to “worry well” for solutions
  • How to expand your thinking
  • How to build a balanced fulfilling life
  • Understand the difference between control and influence
  • You will also understand what causes poor mental health and what you can do to prevent it happening to you. 


This workshop, delivered by myself, is designed around the major elements
of well-being – mind, body and self
It is delivered face-to-face or online and is limited to 12 people.

Contact me for a no obligation complimentary online chat so that I can establish your needs.

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