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Set Yourself Free From Worry banner image


Do you lie awake at night worrying?

Is your stress impacting on your happiness?

Are you a prisoner of your thoughts?


If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions you might benefit from attending my workshop/online course

What difference would it make to you, your loved ones and in your work-life

if you could be the Star, Producer and Director of your life? 

I have designed a programme to help you to take control of how you think, feel and consequently behave.

Benefits of Attending

  • Cope better with life’s challenges
  • Be relaxed and calm instantly
  • Understand your default styles of thinking
  • Be focused and motivated
  • Improve memory and concentration
  • Sleep better
  • Enjoy physical and mental wellbeing


  • Mindfulness audio so that you can continue to develop your power to take charge of your thoughts
  • “Worry Well” template
  • Tips to sleep better
  • Manual which provides the KEY to taking control of how you think, feel and behave. 

In this workshop you will discover strategies, tools and tips to expand creative solution focused thinking. 

Life will throw curve balls, bad stuff happens – this programme will equip you with everything you need to be positive and confident even when things are not going well.

Perpetual worry is a nasty habit which drains your energy – it keeps you awake at night with negative thoughts going around and around your head.  In the cold light of day, you realize how ridiculously illogical your thoughts are, but you cannot stop thinking this way.  It’s as if you are a prisoner of your thoughts.

The more stressed you feel the harder it is to think clearly – that’s because the stressed brain isn’t capable of complex higher function thinking and you feel stuck.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!  Attending this workshop will help you to:-

  • Adopt flexible thinking styles
  • “Worry well” so that you get to solutions and avoid getting stuck
  • Be at peace with uncertainty
  • Be conscious of what you are thinking/feeling in the moment
  • Understand the difference between control and influence
  • Understand and change your beliefs about what you can control and influence
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This experiential interactive workshop is of 2.5 hours duration, delivered face-to-face in businesses and organisations.  It can also be delivered online. 

If you would look to host this event or join an upcoming one contact me today.

Book a complimentary no obligation online chat with me for further information.

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