Sexual Problems

Couple in bed not communicating

Have you Lost Confidence in Your Ability to Have an Erection?

Are You Afraid of Ejaculating Too Soon?

Have You Lost All Desire For Sex?

Intimacy and passion are what most people crave, yet there are many people who are afraid of intimacy

They do not allow themselves to experience it

They feel they do not deserve it

How Hypnotherapy May Help Promote Recovery

Uncover the cause behind your sexual problem, so that it can be understood and acted upon.

Eradicate the conditioning effect – this means re-educating the mind so that you can once again associate sex with the appropriate physical and emotional feelings

Learn anxiety reduction

Enhance arousal of sexual passion through sexual visualization and fantasy prior to sexual involvement (self-hypnosis)

How NLP May Promote Recovery

Provides techniques to  change how you think, feel and behave.

Replaces expectancy of failure with positive expectation

Enhance arousal

Re-enforces and strengthen new neural pathways

What Causes Sexual Problems?

  • To punish either themselves or partner – infidelity, past misbehaviors
  • Anger towards a partner.
  • A negative body image – penis size, women who think their vaginas are ugly or different – causes shame and embarrassment and can lead to inhibitions to sexual desire.
  • Fear of being interrupted – this can often be the cause of premature ejaculation in men who had a fear of being caught masturbating as a teenager.
  • Guilt about excessive masturbation as a child and teenager can cause a person to believe that they have damaged or deformed their genitalia in some way not realizing that everyone is a different shape and size.
  • Physical and mental tension and fatigue often inhibit sexual interest and cause performance anxiety. Many people feel they are beyond help, which puts severe strain and pressure on a relationship. When people worry they lose confidence and clam up. Anxiety breeds more anxiety which makes things worse. Worrying about it manifests an actual problem. The person then expects it to happen which causes a conditioning effect. Then even thinking about it can cause anxiety which inhibits natural sex response or desire.

Use the Power of Your Mind

Sex hypnotherapy provides hope, increased feelings of self-efficacy and confidence that change can occur. Perhaps your mind is powerful enough to stir sexual desire, facilitate orgasm, or create erections.

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