Lose Weight Naturally

Hypnosis and NLP are approaches that have been known to help many people to reach and attain a healthy attitude to food and their body. Hypnosis and NLP understands the part your subconscious mind plays in your behaviour and re-educates your subconscious to have a healthy body image and to stop starving yourself or to stop craving fatty, high-sugar foods and develop a healthy eating habit that feels like second nature

Are You Confused About Your Relationship With Food?

Are You Confused About Your Relationship With Food?

In this latest newsletter I shall discuss where our eating habits come from and how hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming can help you to lose and maintain a healthy body weight.

Oftentimes our eating habits are established as children. Children are susceptible to imprinting from authority figures such as parents and teachers and whatever has been imprinted can remain programmed in the subconscious mind all our lives unless they are changed (or reprogrammed) through hypnosis. I know as a child growing up in the UK I was told to “eat it all up” as there are many people starving in the world!

We are offered food for comfort from birth, whether it is breast or bottle and this is often perpetuated by parents and caregivers who will give a child food such as sweet and biscuits when they are hurt or upset.