If you are a small business owner it is highly likely that in order to build, maintain and grow your business you are juggling many different tasks that you may not enjoy doing or perhaps find difficult. In this article I will discuss the challenges new business owners face and how to overcome them.

Maybe you are frustrated that you are spending more time doing things IN your business and less time ON your business doing the very thing that you are an expert in and are passionate about.

Having enjoyed a very successful business overseas, 2 years ago I returned to the UK and had to re-build my business from scratch.

I mentioned in my previous article how as a shy introvert I found networking events traumatic. It was truly painful! Looking back, I now realize I was grossly ignorant about networking etiquette. I remember my first event quite vividly; I spoke for about 2.5 minutes in what should have been a 60 second pitch.   When I later had a 1 : 1 with one of the group leaders for what should have been a time to exchange information about each of our businesses she spent the allocated time giving me a resounding telling off! A week later I attended another event where another leader from the previous event gave me another telling off.  Boy! I was well and truly shamed!

Part of me wanted to crawl into a hole and never emerge again; Another part of me was determined to pick myself up and keep going. I am so glad that I kept going because even though I was still unskilled in delivering my message – who I was targeting and what problem I can solve for them, I met people who had the skills that I lacked.

This brought up another problem – there were quite a few people who could help me; How could I choose the right person? Another reason for stress and worry! I found some great people who have helped me move forward. I have also made some mistakes; hired the wrong people (for me) and wasted money.

I have also been too trusting and transparent – I have allowed people to take advantage of this and I have been manipulated.

My story is not unique – many business owners go through these same challenges. We all have basically the same options about how we are going to respond to adversity. We can choose to let stress overwhelm us and get sucked into black and white all or nothing thinking which has a negative slant such as “It’s dog eat dog out there, everyone is out for themselves”, “you cannot trust anyone”, “I don’t have what it takes to run a successful business” . Another option would be to take some time out and relax for a bit, to calm down so that we can think more clearly to find solutions. Our response to our mistakes is also key – for most of us a lot of what we are doing is new and we can expect to make mistakes.  I could have beat myself up for wasting money hiring the wrong people. I could have berated myself for being so naive and transparent. I didn’t because I chose to be kind to myself and to take the wisdom forward.

I chose not to spiral into negativity even though l was struggling. Because of my background, the work that I do, I knew what I had to do to stay focused, motivated and functional. I will tell you more in my next article. Read my previous article about the frustrations of owning a business here

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