The Meaning of Disturbing Dreams.  Frances came to see me to uncover the meaning of several disturbing and recurring dreams she was having. On reviewing the dreams I found that they all had a common theme of being judged by others.

The Session

Once Frances had entered a trance state I asked her to relay one of the dreams to me. As she felt the emotion of the dream I regressed her to an earlier time in her life when she felt those same feelings. She regressed to age 7 when she was in the servants quarters with her brother and gardener. The gardener sexually abused her. She later went into the house where her Mother saw blood on her pyjamas and took her to the police station.

“Hypnosis was one of the most enlightening experiences in my life.I now take note of my dreams as I have realised the importance of them. ”

Frances, January 2008

She felt very ashamed when the police later went to her school. She felt that everyone was judging her by what had happened and she felt dirty. In hypnosis, Frances was able to release her anger towards the gardener and forgive him. This cathartic proces allowed Frances to let go of the event.

These dreams confirmed that she holds onto past issues and continually judges herself. The dreams were telling her that she needs to let it go.

After one session of hypnosis Frances’ dreams ceased and she reports that this has given her some closure on certain aspects of her life.


Dreams are our subconscious mind speaking to us. By understanding what dreams mean, you can positively influence your health, relationships, creativity and spiritual development.

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