Understanding Yourself Through Dreams.  Henry had had a number of dreams which he wanted assistance in interpreting. There were about 10 dreams which he e-mailed to me prior to his appointment. I planned to assist with uncovering their meanings through hypnosis. On arrival, however, Henry revealed that he was uncomfortable with the concept of hypnosis therefore I counseled with him.


All the dreams had two common themes – moving his boundaries and a Mother Earth Archetype. It was as if She was offering re-assurance that if he moved his boundaries all would be well – it would be safe to take risks.

“Thank you Linda for introducing me to metaphysics. I never heard that word before you told me about it. It is really life changing.”

Henry, March 2008

Henry is a single man who is a deep thinker. He is lonely and would like to find a companion, but would like to meet someone on his level. Someone who would be interested in life on a spiritual and deeper level. Someone with whom he could discuss these issues.

We discussed Henry taking up activities where he would have an opportunity to meet people of both sexes who are like-minded. One option was to join a Metaphysics Society in the Cape Town area (where he resides).

I gave Henry a meditation cd and gave him instructions on how to go “within” to understand his dreams.

Henry later contacted me to say that he had found a Metaphysics group close to his home which he intends to join with a view to taking courses.

From Henry:

“The only regret I have, is that I am learning these valuable lessons at this age. I think, no I know, that if I had known these things, I would have been a better person. Maybe then people would have been better because of a better me.

Now I have to make the best. I have become more creative. Suddenly I want to dream, because through my dreams I can make better decisions, because I know better. The test results of my students are significantly better and the standard of my question papers has not dropped. Now I know for sure: A teacher cannot teach if he does not learn.

I have learned a lot, and I am not talking about the passive form of learning. I am talking of doing certain things differently and obtaining results. I have discovered the importance of meditation.

The like-minded part is the exciting part, because now I can be myself and belong.

Meditation has helped a lot, although I still need to spend more time on it and make some changes in my life.”